Welcome to Abundance Through Benevolence!

I’ll begin this series by defining benevolence, first using the dictionary’s definition, and then using my personal definition. I’ll then discuss wealth and whether or not money is a zero-sum game. I’ll also show you what I mean when I say that it’s possible to solve the global poverty crisis by redefining our egoic identification.

Throughout the rest of this series I’ll cover important aspects of achieving abundance through benevolence and try to deepen your understanding of how and why it can work for you. I’ll discuss the “I” thought and how a limited “I” thought just might be what’s holding you back from living a life of abundance through benevolence. I’ll also stress the importance of not expanding your “I” thought too far, and how essential it is to maintain the human organism.

We’ll then begin to look at how your personal goals relate to the idea of benevolence. I’ll explain how it’s possible that a larger “I” thought behind your motivation, the energy of charity and service, and doing what you love can all help you achieve abundance through benevolence.

The last section of each article will include a list of common blocks and downloads designed to help you manifest your goals of experiencing abundance through benevolence.


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Enjoy the course!

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