Welcome to Enlightened Relationships

In this course we begin a journey of finding personal balance and purpose from our human relationships.

Have you ever asked the question, “Why did this person come into my life?”

Each interaction with another being is an opportunity for individual growth and healing. As you become aware of a self need to be whole you sequentially gain a sense of patience, understanding and love for the people who are placed into your life to aid you in that process.

Your own positively charged outlook will then be an influence to those around you, as you interact to help them gain that insight as well.

This internal acceptance of giving and receiving in our daily exchanges is what I call “Enlightened Relationships.” Through a six day event, I will guide you through obtaining enlightened relationships by undergoing a process of quantum clearing your negative thought processes and associations. Once you achieve enlightenment, you will soon be able to apply this technique to all your personal experiences.


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