Welcome to Seeing Clearly

In this video, I’ll introduce you to what we’ll be discussing over the course of this series. On Day 1, we’ll explore what it truly means to “see clearly”. Do you, like most people, think: “seeing is believing”? Watch as I explain why this belief is inaccurate and, instead, show you to a higher and grander truth.

Building upon this belief, I’ll begin to show you how the two most common problems people have with their eyesight can be improved with energy healing. I’ll also stress the importance of getting to the root of underlying emotional and spiritual issues, which are deeply tied to, and may even be causing, you and/or your clients’ vision problems. What exactly are these emotional and spiritual issues? I’ll walk you through some “usual suspects” underlying belief systems related to eye and vision troubles.

I’ll conclude this series by explaining, not only the importance of seeing clearly physically, but the importance of seeing clearly intuitively, as well. I’ll also explain how if you’re able to clear your misconceptions about what seeing intuitively, or clairvoyance, means to you, you’ll be able to improve not only you and/or your clients’ physical vision, but their, intuitive vision, as well.


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Enjoy the course!

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