Welcome to Transcending Fear

In this series, I’ll give you new insight into what fear actually is, how fears are created, and effective processes that you can use to overcome them.

What is fear?

We’ll start off by examining this very question on both on the physical and energetic levels and I’ll explain why nothing is inherently good or bad.

We’ll then start to explore how fears are created and the esoteric nature of fear. I’ll also reveal something to you that gave me great insight and may just change how you, yourself, process fear. I’ll emphasize the importance of presence and give you a short cut solution to clearing any fear.

We’ll then discuss surface fears and core fears and how to distinguish between the two. I’ll also teach you how to play a game in order to identify your core fear underneath your surface fear. How do you know when you’ve reached your core fear? I’ll give you some clues that can help you identify when your core fear has been reached.

After you’ve identified your core fear, we’ll start to do, what I call, “fear digging” to clear out your fear; however, not all fears should be cleared. Some fears are functional, while others are non-functional. How can you tell which fears are which? I’ll give you some factors to help you determine which fears you need, and which fears you should clear. Lastly, I’ll give you three categories that fears and a set of fears that usually accompanies them. Finally, I’ll present you with a set of common core fears, I call “the usual suspects”.


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Enjoy the course!

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