Emotional Healing, Energy Healing, and Alternative Forms of Healing

Energy healing is a term applied to a wide variety of healing modalities each of which work with the body’s energy systems, as opposed to the physical structures of the body. Terms which have been used to describe the energy inside the body include –

  • life force
  • soul
  • energy
  • chi (also spelled ki or qi)
  • prana
  • subconscious or unconscious mind

What’s the difference between energy healing and conventional medicine?

Conventional medicines and treatment work with the physical structures to improve health. A doctor uses drugs and surgery; a chiropractor manipulates bones. If done professionally these methods result in physical changes which often provide at best short term relief from a condition.

Energy healing and other forms of alternative healing methods work with the subtle energy fields within the person.Chinese medicine, for example, focuses on eliminating blockages in a person’s energy, so that the life force or “chi” will flow freely and achieve an energy balance, making the person healthy.Many forms of alternative energy healing seek to achieve a proper energy balance which enhances the life force.

Emotional healing is important.

Emotional healing is considered to be essential in most energy healing modalities.The Awakening Dynamics® is founded upon the principle that emotional healing facilitates physical healing.It is fundamental to the overall success of the Awakening Dynamics® treatment regime.Emotional healing occurs prior to any physical healing.

In terms of the Awakening Dynamics®, emotional healing is said to have been achieved when the correct energy balance is restored within the body.Until we achieve the proper energy balance healing our physical problems cannot occur.

Practitioners of many forms of alternative healing modalities agree that emotional healing and energy balancing frequently lead to physical symptoms disappearing without further treatment.

Problems in our lives are seen as helpful messages

“Don’t shoot the messenger”.Practitioners from various streams of alternative healing schools see the physical problems that occur in our lives to simply be messages from the body to tell us that there is a problem in the system.When we get our energy systems back into balance then the body’s dysfunction at the physical level disappears.

This is not new knowledge.For centuries healers have known that the body is truly capable of healing itself in an instant – however emotional wellness and energy balancing must be in order before a physical healing can take place!Legitimate energy healers frequently experience instantaneous healing when the correct energy balance linked with emotional healing has been achieved.

Types of Energy Healers and Alternative Energy Healing

[Would you say they are better? You might like to think about the preceding lines and consider what it might mean to a reader.It may create some doubt in the mind of the reader that Chinese medicine is the way to go and they may go]

The role of the energy healer

Unlike practitioners of conventional Western style medicine which address problems symptomatically the energy healer goes right to the source of the illness, and acts as a facilitator to help the body release blocks within it.When the blocks are removed using the Awakening Dynamics® processes correct energy balance is restored and the life giving energy once again flows through the body as it was intended to do.Physical healing occurs naturally.

Energy healers and practitioners of alternative energy healing techniques generally don’t need to know many details about symptoms or problems – instead, they focus on releasing the internal blocks that prevent the body from healing itself.

Theta Brainwave Technology: incredibly powerful energy healing!

It is quite common for people to experience emotional healing in their very first healing session.Often this is the case even when other forms of alternative healing have not been able to help them in the past.


Feedback from our clients is that while there are many forms of energy healers and energy healing modalities the Awakening Dynamics® technique is unmatched in its potential to provide reliably fast and thorough emotional healing. You will find that it really is possible to release your painful childhood hurts in just an hour – emotional healing really can be that fast IF you have the proper technique to get you back into energy balance!This is why we say “the Awakening Dynamics® may be the most powerful form of alternative energy healing available!”

Is energy healing real?

It is a perfectly valid and normal concern to wonder if energy healing is ‘real’ – to ask

“Is there really something behind all these so called alternative energy healing techniques?”

The energy that powers our household appliances comes from the imperceptible movement of electrical currents.The energy in our body also has an electrical nature.If you use sensitive electrical equipment, it is possible to measure the change in the body’s electrical and magnetic field during kinesiology 1 and during an EEG 2 examination

Whilst you can’t visibly see the electricity that flows through the wiring in your house, you can see the results of its presence– that is; your electrical devices turn on and work properly. Similarly, we often can not see our emotions healing, but we can experience the results………..your life transforms and changes!

Energy healers know that energy healing and emotional healing will result in the directly visible effects of: improved health; more energy; and a fulfilling life!

So like that electricity which powers your house alternative energy healing is real and its here to stay.