Awakening Dynamics® is a place of learning where we can all grow our businesses. These rules are for the benefit of the entire community.

Awakening Dynamics® Forum Usage Rules


How to Make Friends While You Learn Healing!

Among other things, Awakening Dynamics® is a place to meet and talk in a safe environment. One of the most unique aspects of Awakening Dynamics® is it’s warm, fuzzy and extremely harmonious community feel.

The “prime directive” of Awakening Dynamics® is to foster information sharing, learning, and growth. So to ensure that happens, all Awakening Dynamics® users are required to follow the “sub-directives” below.

1. We play nice:

  • Use appropriate language
  • Post in English only
  • NO profanity, vulgarity, or flaming
  • NO sexually explicit or violent material
  • NO judging, unkind criticism, or blaming
  • NO labeling or inappropriate use of terms of endearment (e.g., grandma, grandpa, honey, sweetie) This is considered harassment in the US.
  • NO off-color jokes or insensitive humor

2. We respect the threads:

  • NO thread hijacking (for instance, asking questions or offering advice unrelated to the topic of the original post)
  • Moderators will delete off-topic posts in a thread.
  • Think hard before you post to a particular forum. Moderators will move incorrectly posted threads without notice.
  • Post each message only once.
  • Do NOT post more than once ‘in a row.’ If you have followup thought and you are the last person to post in that thread – simply edit that post and add your new information to it.
  • NO multiple posting of the same message to different forums or threads

3. We post clearly:

  • Follow subject line requirements
  • Use ALL CAPS sparingly – one word, not a whole sentence.
  • No multiple punctuation marks (question marks, exclamation points, stars, asterisks, hash marks, etc.)
  • Put your question somewhere in the subject line. If you get too clever, you might not get read.
  • Keep your requests for information short and to the point. Shorter posts get more replies, usually.

4. We always stay within signature limits:

  • Up to 3 HOME PAGE URLs (raw or anchor text) and Up to 25 words of descriptive text total, not counting a URL or anchor text. The 25-word-limit includes the plain copy for the classified promotion, but not the actual link.
  • Use only plain text and no background – No special styling (fancy fonts, bold, italics, color, images, bullets, boxes, borders, etc.)
  • NO affiliate links – including redirect links to affiliate sites
  • NO link cloaking

You don’t have to have a Signature if you don’t want one. Or you can have a short one. (We love short ones! There are some great inspiring quotes out there, for instance.)

5. We know where to buy and sell Awakening Dynamics® services or products:

  • All requests and offers, paid and free, are not allowed
  • NO affiliate links in message body or signatures.

6. We use Private Messaging (PM) correctly:

  • PM is for personal, unique messaging only
  • NO mass emailing or spam emailing or sending form emails through the PM function

7. We are never a menace to Awakening Dynamics®:

  • Keep all your posts honest
  • NO posting of anything illegal
  • NO hacking or destroying the Forum or circumventing Moderation

8. Making offers or requests for anything connected to your websites is not permitted in the Forums. No products, services, link requests, discounts, interviews, free reports, affiliate or networking opportunities, joint venture opportunities, bartering, bid requests or anything else meant to promote your businesses.

9 Titles, frequently your purpose and ours are different. You want an answer to a pressing question as fast as possible. We want you to get an answer AND to have your post be useful for other folks who may have the same issue or question.

So if we change your clever but ambiguous or too-long Subject line, it’s nothing personal. Clever, cute, vague, or wordy is never a good long-term strategy for an informational database, which the Forums are. We’re always thinking about Awakening Dynamics® cognitive overload and how to make searching for the information you need easier.

You don’t have to have a Signature if you don’t want one. Or you can have a short one. (We love short ones! There are some great inspiring quotes out there, for instance.)

But either way, you may NOT add signature-style information at the end of a post in the message body. That would be cheating. And irritating to everyone else who’s trying to read the thread for information.

10. Do not paste forum posts directly from a word document. It will mess up the formatting of the post. Use the paste from word option from within the forum.