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    For many brands, respect for the environment is one of their most important values. In one of our branding articles , we presented an example with the company Girlfriend Collective – an American clothing brand that elevates eco-friendliness to the leading roles of the company.

    If the materials used to make your product come from sustainable sources, why not go further?

    Use environmentally friendly packaging materials.

    In the past, great efforts were needed to purchase environmentally friendly packaging. And this type of packaging was quite expensive not so long ago. Fortunately, times are changing.

    FSC certification ensures that all our packaging is made from sustainable, renewable and recyclable materials. The pulp used in the manufacture of cardboard comes from sustainable forests specially developed for this purpose.

    The FSC logo also gives you confidence that your green packaging inventory is also made from recycled materials.

    Our range of Eco shipping boxes are a great way to show the natural texture of the carton, while keeping your own brand visible.

    The simplicity of corrugated boxes along with void fill wellpackeurope.com/loose-fill-void-fill and black ink creates organic heat that comes out of your packaging.

    It is a solution used by companies from various sectors. Consider the two examples below.

    A manufacturer of personalized notebooks and photo albums – the French company Innocence Paris – used corrugated cardboard boxes for an elegant yet ecological effect.

    The concept of packaging material, through the belt bag and the kraft box, brings out the raw element that fits the values โ€‹โ€‹of our brand: functionality, durability and non-plastic approach.

    With us, you can finally take advantage of a wholesale packaging provider offering environmentally friendly solutions for your business, without spending a fortune to help keep the planet healthy.

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