wsmssIn The Where Science Meets Spirit: Level One seminar, you will learn the following:

  • Achieve a permanent and profound spiritual transformation by Awakening to Higher Truth
  • Master the Seven Sacred Tools of Higher Dimensional Living
  • Understand the science that explains how and why energy healing and the Law of Attraction work
  • Quickly bring yourself and entrain others to a waking, conscious theta brainwave
  • Use muscle testing to check for subconscious programs on yourself and others
  • Perform  intuitive body readings, remove viewings, future readings, and past life readings
  • Connect with the energy of the Creative Source to facilitate miraculous instant healings
  • Learn secret techniques to instantly clear subconscious blocks causing illness, injury, and poverty
  • Manifest money, better health, a soul-mate, or anything else you choose to have your life
  • Tap into the universe’s unlimited energy to heal instead of depleting your own energy
  • Learn to master your mind’s power of attention to dissolve any pain, physical or emotional
  • Collect and focus the energy of many healers to perform group healings
  • Harness the power of embodiment through video holography to clear thousands of blocks at once
  • Experience life altering consciousness shifting to see auras and energy with your open eyes

Use all of these techniques both in-person and remotely (phone, Skype, or chat)

Note: This seminar takes place in Los Angeles and is both a live in-person and ALSO an online video streaming class!

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