Personal growth can take on different perspectives for each persron. It’s important to identify what personal growth  means to you and make choices from there. It’s also valuable to distinguish between “spiritual personal growth” and personal growth for your “personality aspect”. Spiritual personal growth is usually geared toward the soul’s grown in a larger context, where as personality personal growth is more focused on the specifics of the life you are living now and what you desire to achieve.

the Awakening Dynamics® has proved itself to be an incredibly powerful tool for personal growth. By providing spiritual guidance and releasing old subconscious programs that hold us back, we can achieve amazing personal growth in a relatively short time.

But I thought the Awakening Dynamics® was only for illness and injury?

No, not at all! While most people do not initially get involved with the Awakening Dynamics® for personal growth, personal spiritual growth is the primary reason people keep coming back for more!

Brent is a classic example. When he was first introduced to Theta, he only wanted to get health and have his arm move normally – he was not interested in achieving personal spritual growth or getting spiritual guidance. However, after experience the amazing power of Theta Healing, he realized that it was the personal spiritual growth tool he was looking for – the ability to create magic and miracles everyday in our lives!

Stuck in your personal growth development?

If you you have reached a plateau or otherwise have been stuck in your own personal growth, maybe it is time to try a new personal growth therapy – the Awakening Dynamics® could be the perfect next tool on your list! You may have no idea of some of the subconscious blocks that are holding back your personal growth – because these blocks can be held genetically or from past life memories, you have no idea that they are even there.

For example, if you are a healer, then improving your healing abilities will be an important part of your personal growth. But you have any idea what sorts of subconscious blocks may be holding you back? Personal growth and spiritual guidance come together in a Awakening Dynamics® session, where the practitioner acts as a sort of personal growth coach to help you identify and release the blocks and improve your healing abilities. The same applies no matter what your profession – doctor, lawyer, healer, Indian chief, whatever!

As an example, some of the common programs that people hold that block their personal growth as a healer are:

  • I have to experience and illness before I can heal it
  • I have to use my own energy to heal other people
  • I have to trade a physical sense (such as eyesight) to develop my psychic sense
  • It is wrong to heal myself

Whatever your profession and path in life, there are likely to be significant subconscious obstacles holding you back from you personal growth.

Once you have seen the incredible power of the Awakening Dynamics® to find and quickly fix the bugs in your subconscious software that are holding back your personal growth, you will likely agree that this is the most powerful tool for personal spiritual growth ever!

How is this different than personal growth coaching?

in some sense, this technique has a lot in common with other forms of personal growth coaching, or life coaching. However, there are important differences in how those other techniques achieve personal growth.

First, Theta Healers do not strive to give you advice to get you your personal growth – instead, we were to help you to identify and fix the reasons these decisions are hard for you to make for yousrelf. The most effectve personal growth therapies do not tell you how to solve your problems, but give you the tools to figure out how to solve them for yourself!

However, at the same timethe practitioner of this technique can meet many of the same personal growth needs as well or better than a traditional life coach, because a practitioner does not just give advice – they clear the subconscious reasons why it is difficult for you to make these decisions for yourself. The result? Unparalleled personal growth!

Are there any Awakening Dynamics® personal growth workshops?

Yes – all of them!

From one point of view, the Awakening Dynamics® is nothing but a technique for personal growth, since it gives us the ability to connect to the energy of the universe to make changes within ourselves and allow us to see him miraculous results in our lives. If you are interested in personal growth, you can’t miss out on this!

One can understand this technique as a way to allow other people to learn to heal themselves, the ultimate form of personal growth. other forms of personal growth and therapy simply cannot compare – but given how many people have experienced instantaneous miraculous healings, it is no surprise that it works incredibly well for personal growth and spiritual guidance as well!

Does the Awakening Dynamics® provide any spiritual guidance for personal growth?

Yes -a practitioner can help you to provide spiritual guidance during a session, or you can learn to get your own spiritual guidance from a higher power by taking the DNA 1-2: Basics of Theta Healing seminar.

If you are serious about personal growth, there is no excuse not to take the seminar. Pretty much everybody who takes the seminar finds it to be the most rewarding and powerful personal growth experience they have had in their entire lives!

For some examples of how the Awakening Dynamics® has helped people achieve tremendous personal growth, check out the testimonials!

Is there a way to measure my personal growth?

Yes, definitely – with muscle testing ! It is unfortunate aspect of other personal growth therapies and personal growth workshops is that there is no quantitative and easy way to measure your personal spiritual growth.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Awakening Dynamics® is that you can use muscle testing to immediately check if you are receiving benefits from your personal  growth therapy.  If your muscle test results are not changing, you need to do more work and apply your personal growth tools and spiritual guidance until you get to the core of the issue.

if you wish to have hard and clear evidence that your efforts at personal growth are paying off, you need a way to measure where you are at. You can take many personal growth workshops and engaging many personal growth therapies, and while you may feel you are getting some spiritual guidance, it may be difficult to measure or quantify this.

Of course, if you are extremely intuitive and able to access spiritual guidance like talking to the person next to you, you don’t need this technique to measure your own progress in personal growth. But, if you are spending a lot of time and money on personal growth therapy and personal growth seminars, or on personal growth coaching, you may wonder whether or not it is worthwhile. The personal growth seminars and spiritual guidance seminars will help you can give your techniques to determine whether or not you are actually getting something out of it.

At the same time, the Theta personal growth seminars and spiritual guidance seminars will increase the clarity of your own spiritual guidance so they know that your efforts invested in these personal growth therapies are actually doing something for you!

If the Awakening Dynamics® is so great, why do people do other forms of personal growth therapy?

For one, not everybody is ready for the life-changing power of the Awakening Dynamics® personal growth therapy. If your own spiritual guidance is extremely clear, you may wish to check with it to determine if these kinds of personal growth seminars and spiritual growth seminars are appropriate for you.

For example, somebody that has never driven a car before may find it much more comfortable to ride in a slow car than an extremely fast car – for the same reason some people prefer other forms of personal growth therapy and other personal growth seminars.

For another, many people do not have clear access to their spiritual guidance, and have not been led to a technique as powerful or as transformative as the personal growth therapy you can achieve with the Formuls for Miracles. However, if you are reading this page that you are one of the lucky ones that has found out about it – and almost certainly you will find that it is the most effective form of personal growth therapy, and the Theta personal growth seminars and spiritual guidance seminars will give you the mostresults for the least amount of investment in time and money.