Personal Spiritual Growth and Life Coaching materials, books and movies

Below are some of Brent Phillips personal favorite websites, books, and other resources on personal spiritual growth, providing coaching for those interested in learning more about personal spiritual growth, energy healing, and the Law of Attraction.


  • The Kryon Channellings: Kryon is a group of spirits who provide (through a channel) insightful revelations about the world we live in, our true place and purpose in the universe, and what’s really going on with the changing of the Earth’s vibration and the spiritual awakening of humanity.


ImageA documentary that explains some of how and why energy healing works is “What the Bleep Do We Know”, It is the story of one day in a woman’s life, combined with interviews with various scientists and doctors, that explains how modern physics is finding that we are in fact responsible for everything that happens to us in our lives, and that it is our own beliefs, attitudes, and expectations that shape our life experience. This movie is really about how energy healing helps us have personal spiritual growth – they just didn’t know about Brent’s work when they were making the movie!

Personal Spiritual Growth Readings:

  • Theta Healing, by Vianna Stibal. This is the official text from the founder on the concepts, techniques, and capabilities of Theta Healing.
  • The Conversations with God series, including Conversations with God books 1, 2, and 3, Friendship with God, Communion with God, The New Revelations, and Tomorrow’s God, by Neale Donald Walsh. These books provide an excellent introduction to the new spirituality and describe in detail the metaphysics behind how and why energy healing works.
  • Power vs Force, by Dr. David Hawkins. This book provides an excellent introduction to muscle testing, as well as spirituality in general.
  • Molecules of Emotion, by Candace Pert. This books describes Ms Pert’s research that discovered the peptides that are the neurochemical transmitters of our emotions, as well as her own personal journey through the world of cutting scientific research in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Her research provides the scientific link between the emotions and the physical health of the body, and explains how emotions can and do create both physical health and injury/illness.
  • ImageThe Self Aware Universe, by Amit Goswami. For many years scientists and philosophers have believed that matter was the fundamental building block of the universe, and that consciousness emerged from the right combinations of physical materials. Physicists have now determined that this is incorrect – that it is in fact consciousness that creates matter, and not the other way around! This book is an excellent description of the emerging theories that physicists are now using to describe the fundamental nature of reality – which also provides a solid scientific foundation for how and why energy works.
  • The Field, by Lynette McTaggert. This book is an excellent overview of the scientific research done on energy healing and other paranormal phenomenon. It is really incredible because the
    conclusions drawn from the scientific research exactly match the things that are taught in Brent’s classes! It also provides a scientific explanation of how the Awakening Dynamics works through the Zero Point Field of quantum mechanics.
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Ecker. This book is an excellent overview of how it is the subconscious mind that truly determines our financial destiny via our “subconscious financial blueprint”. It also contains solid advice on how to manage and invest money in simple and common-sensical fashion.
  • Think Yourself Rich by Joseph Murphy. A collection of stories, anecdotes, wisdom, and good advice on how to turn over our financial problems to a higher power and reprogram our subconscious mind for abundance and prosperity!
  • Missed Fortunte 101 by Douglas Andrew. Most of what we are taught about money and investing is not in our best interest…this book upends much conventional wisdom to put you on the path to financial security.
  • The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden. An inspirational book providing an overview of current scientific research that explains exactly how and why healings and spiritual practice work.

Useful Sites

Art San, “The Pain Eraser”: a talented body worker

Angels to Guide You: Rev. Donna Voll is a spiritual counselor, angel portrait artist, and author who shares her gifts and insights through personal growth coaching at the Spirit Connections program on World Talk Radio every Tuesday at 11 AM Pacific Time.

The Ultimate Guide to Sitting Disease
Super-helpful information and tips on how to prevent sitting disease and the exceptional importance of living an active lifestyle. Merlin Trinity Healing System: Workshops, Schedule and Practitioner Resources
Welcome to the world of ascension healing energy. Channeled through the ancient wisdom of Merlin, this energy opens chakras, aligns and balances. You will receive three very powerful healing energies that will be accessible to you for the rest of your life.

Natural Force Healing, a unique, revolutionary energetic and vibrational therapy designed to create optimal health and well being in the body, mind, and spirit, by accessing and amplifying specific vibrations, energies and frequencies
Natural Force Healing is a unique and revolutionary energetic and vibrational therapy used to create optimal health and well being as well as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. It incorporates healing and self-healing techniques which enhance balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Women’s Health
Find Women’s Health health articles and videos and other Women’s Health health topics

Biotherapy Clinic
Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic and online store. 25 years of experience in holistic medicine, acupuncture, herbs, colon hydrotherapy and restoration of friendly intestinal flora, prostatic massage, deep relaxation.

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis pain management
Do you have pains ? A new, breakthrough discovery gives immediate relief for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis without side-effects.

Alternative Health Medicine and Alternative Herbal Remedies, Natural Medicine
We provide alternative health medicine, natural medicine, and alternative herbal remedies.

Complementary Alternative Medical Association
Committed to educating the consumer, practitioner and policy-maker about Complementary / Alternative Medicine

Lexington Natural Health Center – Alternative medicine for a healthier lifestyle
Lexington Natural Health Center is a natural medicine practice in Lexington, Massachusetts where naturopathic specialists Dr. James Belanger and Dr. Karen Braga treat patients with herbal and nutritional medicines.

Behavioral Medicine Research & Training Foundation
A non-profit organization providing continuing education courses in behavioral medicine

Traditional Medicine Network.
The Traditional Medicine Network Official Site.

Natural Herbal Remedy and Flower Essence products by Alternative Health
For over 30 years, Alternative Health has manufactured natural herbal remedy products, the Red Earth Drops and our blended flower essences, the Deva Flowers.

Welcome to Balance U- Alternative Medicine Counseling
Alternative Medicine mental health marriage counseling Health Counseling therapist therapy psychotherapy therapy pastoral counseling marriage and family therapy licensed therapist licensed marriage and family therapist holistic holistic therapist bodywork spirituality spiritual growth spiritual counseling coaching.

Magnesium Pain relief Alternative healing natural aches instant Stress
All natural Magnesium (Cell mg) products to provide instant relief of aches & pain, stress, soreness.

Introduction to alternative medicine, alternative therapy and complementary therapy
Tap into the healing power of your own life with the leading edge alternative medicine and therapies available in our practice in West London. Please see website for details.

Homeopathy San Diego – (North County) alternative, natural, holistic medicine
Classical homeopathy – treatment and healing of: Autism, Asperger’s, Arthritis, Bipolar, Depression, ADD/ADHD Diabetes Cancer Fibromyalgia Chronic fatigue Chronic pain Menopause PMS, PTSD, Eating disorders, Allergies, Anxiety, Hypertension.

Mountain Rose Herbs – Herbs, Teas, Aromatherapy, Alternative Products provide a selected collection of best quality herbs, alternative health products, Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals at affordable prices, with huge saving on bulk buys.

Alternative Health Insurance Services
A progressive health plan that successfully integrates complementary and alternative therapies with conventional major medical coverage.

Reach Optimum Wellness with Alternative Healing Concepts in Austin.
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Asia:Thailand:Chiang Integrated Medical Clinic;Ayurvedic School/Ayurveda School in Wellness Holiday Health Spa
Free information and pictures about wellness vacations in Asia: Thailand: Chiang Mai: is the leading online resource for healthy living based on an integrative medicine philosophy.

Pinnacle Healing
Pinnacle Healing Healing Retreats and Therapies Alternative Therapies and workshops

Crystal Healing Pendants To Create an Abundant life
Crystal Healing Pendants The Most Powerful Spiritual Awakening Tool In the World Money Back Guarantee.

Learn how to give a great massage.
Find detailed instructions on how to give a massage in Christine Sutherland’s massage videos. Massage techniques for infant massage, sports massage, palliative massage, pet massages and more.

BioWaves Sound Therapy
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Eytons’ Earth – Green Healing Clay of the Desert
Natural green healing clays as used in alternative medicine.

The Way Up – Alternative Health Product, Alternative Health Products, Alternative Health Supplement, Natural Health Alternative
Alternative Health Product, Alternative Health Products, Alternative Health Supplement, Natural Health Alternative.

Alternative Medicine/Holistic Health
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Beds and Mattress Medical Evaluation Organization
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Alternative Cancer Treatments Comparison and Testing
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Biotherapy Clinic
Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic and online store.

The Complete Guide
Comprehensive guide to all Alexander Technique resources worldwide: find a teacher, self-study, medical endorsements, books, videos, interactive resources and much more

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Aromatherapy
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Online Alternative Medicine Magazine
Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine alternative medicine magazine articles are written by researchers, health practitioners and patients.

San Francisco Theraphy
In San Francisco psychotherapy and therapy is provided by Mark Hirschfield MFT, psychotherapist and EMDR therapist for adults, children, couples, and families.

Hypnosis Stop Smoking
Achieve goals with self-hypnosis CDs from Global-Hypnosis! Quit smoking, lose weight, improve ADD ADHD, memory, concentration, self-esteem, and pain relief through hypnotherapy.

Wealth of the Rainforest – Pharmacy to the World from Raintree Nutrition
Raintree’s extensive website on the Amazon Rainforest features 100’s of pages and pictures and facts on rainforest plants, preservation and destruction.

Holistic Health Tools and alternative Product
Holistic health, health products, holistic products, detox products, acne treatment products.

Cincinnati Skeptics
The Association for Rational Thought (ART) is a local Cincinnati group committed to encouraging rational, well-informed evaluation of fringe-science, pseudo-science and paranormal claims.

Ayurveda Ayurvedic Herbs Herbal Medicine Remedies
Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Products, Ayurvedic Herbs, Ayurveda Diet, Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Remedies, Herbal Supplements, Remedy, Massage Oils, Herbal Medicine, Alternative Medicine.

Natural Remedies, Massage Supplies, and Aromatherapy Essential Oils.
Massage oils for relaxation and sensual massage. Herbal remedies with tea tree oil, st johns wort and pure essential oils.

Alternative Medicine Portland Oregon
Dr. Wendy Hodsdon practices alternative medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor in Portland, Oregon. As a holistic health practitioner hergoal is to help you achieve optimum health and wellness.

Skin Treatment Guide: The best skin disease treatment guide to know the basics of skin, natural skin care tips, skin treatment and acne prevention. Learn more effective and safer ways to treat skin conditions than medical drugs.

How Push to Use Talcum Powder Led to Ovarian Cancer Crisis
Talcum Powder: The Feminine ‘Hygiene Extra’ That May Have Fueled a Cancer Crisis

Ovarian Cancer Health Guide | Symptoms, Types & Treatment
Ovarian cancer is an aggressive tumor that affects the ovaries. How far the cancer has spread affects a woman’s chance of survival. Most doctors use surgery or chemotherapy to treat ovarian cancer. Drugs and cosmetic products such as fertility drugs, male hormones or talcum powder may increase ovarian cancer risk.