2010 VIP Club Special Events Collection


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Announcing the 2010 VIP Club

Special Events Collection


By popular demand Brent Phillips (creator of the Awakening Dynamics®) has made available the Special Events from the VIP club for all of 2010, including:

  • 8 Days of Prosperity: This program shows you what blocks stop you from achieving success and what to do to overcome your obstacles to begin achieving success!
  • 2012 Survival Guide: This event shows you what’s really going on with the Earth, the Great Shift, and all the prophesies about 2012, and what you need to know to make the most of it. It’s great if you want to use this guide just to survive…but  perhaps a better term for this would be the “2012 Thrival Guide” – because I want you to THRIVE!
  • The 12 Layers of the DNA: This special event teaches you all about the 12 layers of your DNA and how they can be activated for physical and emotional healing, success, and love.
  • Enlightened Relationships: This course will teach and guide you step-by-step through a powerful process that you can use to set free the ones you love the most, and in the process heal yourself and move one step closer to enlightenment.
  • 7 Steps to Happiness: This special event teaches that the quest for happiness is so fundamental to the human condition that it is named as one of the three inalienable rights of man by the writers of the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! It teaches you why we pursue happiness and how to achieve it!
  • Starting a Holistic Business: If you are serious about starting your own holistic business then this course is for you. It will not only teach you the MUST HAVES, it will teach you what pitfalls to avoid from Brent’s own personal experience.
  • Love Languages: This event will teach you new insights, ideas, and ways of thinking to transform all the relationships in your life. It will focus on improving communication, and specifically learning ways to communicate and interact with everyone in our lives – friends, family, business partners, lovers, coworkers, everyone – that leaves them feeling loved and connected.
  • Pain Begone: This course will give you some new insights, ideas, and ways of thinking to help you reduce or eliminate the pain in your life. It will focus on a different aspect of pain, and each day provide you with a healing technique that you can quickly and easily learn and use to work on yourself.

Each event includes a series of five to fifteen articles and videos, and some also include exercises and recorded live events where Brent clears common blocks associated with the special event topic.