2011 VIP Club Special Events Collection


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Announcing the 2011 VIP Club

Special Events Collection


By popular demand, Brent Phillips (creator of the Awakening Dynamics®) has made available the VIP Club Special Events from all of 2011, including:

  • Life After Addiction: This special event explores adaptations, behaviors, and reactions created when you get too much of what you want from a place of attachment. It will show you how to use time, practice, patience, presence, and maybe a little energy healing to heal yourself and find life after addiction. It will also teach you how to to reframe your relationship with the abundance in your life to come from presence, surrender, trust, and gratitude.
  • Overcoming Anger: This program will dig deep into the fundamental nature of human emotions, and help you discover the two core emotions of life: love and fear, and how fear plays a role in anger. It will show you how to use the Awakening Dynamics to dig and clear the traumas and subconscious blocks that lead to fear and anger.
  • Confidence 101: This course will teach you the true definition of confidence and how to attain it. It will show you how to be grounded and self-assured, even when circumstances and external conditions are against you.
  • 7 Deadliest Law of Attraction Mistakes: This event will teach you why most Law of Attraction books, videos, seminars, audio programs, coaches, and teachers present (at best) an incomplete understanding of the subject, which reflects in the lack of consistent good results that most of us get using the typical Law of Attraction techniques. Brent fills in the blanks on whats left out to show you how you can get consistent, real, powerful results in your life.
  • Turning Depression into Joy: This special event teaches you the true meaning of why we do things in life, why depression is so prevalent, and what you can do about it! It also teaches how to use the spiritual process to transform yourself from the inside out so that you can connect to gratitude, joy, love, and contentment no matter what is happening around you.
  • Transcending Fears: This course will take you deep into what fears really are, and how to transcend it by dropping your resistance. It will teach you how to overcome your fears so that you may achieve personal transformation, leading to health, wealth, love, and – ultimately! – spiritual enlightenment.
  • Igniting Intuition: This program will teach you the true meaning of intuition, why you need it, and how you can develop it. It will teach you that we have all of the intuitive senses, but they are often undeveloped and/or untrained, so much so that most of us do not consider ourselves to be “intuitive” or “psychics” at all. It will show you how to develop and train your senses.
  • Seeing Clearly: This event will dig into “why we think we know what we think we know”, and see that most of us base all of our lives on assumptions that incorrect. This material will give you the resources you need to make the internal changes necessary so that you can see clearly in your life.
  • Time Tricks: This special event will help you transcend the normal everyday understanding of 4-dimensional space time and provide a different understanding of time that will – with some time, training, and practice – facilitate a massive increase in your own personal power. It will show you how to see some real results in your life as you apply this new understanding and learn to use tools like the Awakening Dynamics in a new way.

Each event includes a series of articles and videos, and some also include exercises and recorded live events where Brent clears common blocks associated with the special event topic.