30 Days To Awakening


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30 Days to Spiritual Awakening: Thousands of

Years of Wisdom Revealed in Fun, Ten Minute Healings

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In this intensive series you will learn:

  • 30 day guided process to a genuine spiritual awakening.
  • Five automatic subconscious block clearing programs to accelerate spiritual progress.
  • Get training to seeing auras and energy with your open eyes.
  • The 3 “terrible traps” that block spiritual progress.
  • Learn tricks to easily win all the 7 games of consciousness, including love, money, and spiritual truth.
  • Learn how to start the beginning of the end of suffering.
  • Clear subconscious developmental traumas that are at the root of most problems with health and money.
  • Engage a step by step processes to evolve your consciousness to the highest levels of the 3 stages of the spiritual journey.
  • Learn how one Great Lie creates nearly all suffering…including YOUR suffering.
  • Get the secret to releasing attachment to result.
  • Gain your the “foot in the door” to enlightenment.
  • Expose the greatest lie in human history.
  • Learn the amazing shortcut to spiritual liberation.
  • Begin to deeply understand and live in the truth that “we are all one”.




I first “met” Brent through a call from “You Wealth Revolution”. I think it was his first time speaking for it. Thank you Darius for your dedication <3

Awakening Dynamics has impacted my life in a way I never believed possible.

I was trained as an engineer; logic and linear thinking were all I ‘ve got for a good part of my life. It was Brent’s program that helped me satisfy my mind with reasonable and acceptable explanations, so much so that I was able to open up and let go of what I thought I knew.

That’s how I built my trust to accept to change my paradigm.

Program after program, I went through all of them and every time I find it fascinating and engaging. I usually find the flaws pretty quickly in a new concept … I didn’t find any there.

The binaural beats technology really works; there are hundreds of beliefs that are cleared or installed in the subconscious mind through the different programs. The trauma clearing and allergy clearing are also very efficient.

I have been a VIP club member since 2011; the conference calls and the clearings are great but I particularly enjoy the monthly special event.

Brent has a divine gift for teaching and he does it from a place of compassion and service. He is very generous with the VIP Club and always over-delivers. He always included in the programs more than I was expecting.

His teachings are deep and aim to excellence.

The newest product, 30 Days to Awakening requires time to digest; it is so shocking, it wakes you up!

Thank you Brent,

Codrutsa R., Canada