Awakening Dynamics Practice Group


Awakening Dynamics Practice Groups!

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Awakening Dynamics Practice Groups:


Next: Saturday, September 16, 2017

8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM UK / 5:00 PM Europe!

Come join us to learn, practice, and develop your energy healing skills!

The groups will be held via Zoom real-time online video conference, and provide to you with:

  • weekly lessons and reviews on how to do “digging”
  • sharing ideas and best practices when doing healing, coaching, and manifesting
  • learn and share ideas on how to build your online presence and attract clients for your healing business
  • directed partner exercises to get clearing, healing, and improve your “digging” skills
  • tips and secrets on how to stay motivated and connected to your spiritual practice

All practice groups will be available to all levels of the VIP Club (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) completely for free. (Or, you’ll be able to purchase them separately here if you don’t want to also get access to the rest of the VIP Club resources and benefits.)

These groups are designed to complement and support what you’ve learned in the Awakening Dynamics workshops!

Note that while everyone is welcome to join us, these practice groups are primarily for Awakening Dynamics practitioners (that is, anybody that has completed either the Level 1 weekend workshop or the online class and has learned how to do the basic HEAL/DOWNLOAD/CLEAR/READ processes.)