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Get Awakening Dynamics: Secrets to Higher Dimensional Living

Welcome. This is the registration page for the Awakening Dynamics: Secrets to Higher Dimensional Living training workshop! Sign up today to receive all the bonuses listed below and more!

When you join us on March 3-5th (2017) you will get hands-on experience working with tools that will help you change your life! 



Here’s what you’ll get:

  • How to work with the Universe to co-create your life exactly the way you want it to be
  • Experience a genuine spiritual Awakening
  • How to accurately measure your consciousness or “spiritual vibration”
  • Learn step by step processes for the ascension of consciousness
  • Expose the hidden root of all the suffering in your life
  • How to achieve a waking theta brain wave, and how to entrain others into a waking theta state
  • How to test yourself and other people to reveal hidden subconscious beliefs
  • How to do intuitive readings (including remote viewing and reading inside the body)
  • How to perform instant healings: locally and remotely, individually and in groups
  • How to clear subconscious blocks, in three seconds or less!
  • Get energetic downloads of special “macros” that allow you to perform readings, healings, block clearings, and many other techniques in seconds, without needing a complicated technique
  • How to clear harmful radiation from your body and electronics
  • How to find the subconscious core beliefs underlying an illness, injury, or other challenge
  • How to apply these techniques to improve your and others’ physical health, mental attitude, and overall well-being

Class includes all of the following material:
In addition to, you’ll also receive complimentary materials (printed copies are available for live attendees, or electronic copies for online streamers):

  • Where Science Meets Spirit: The Formula for Miracles (printed book or PDF e-book)
  • Secrets of Muscle Testing (DVD or mp4 video)
  • Deep Theta Meditation (CD or mp3 audio)
  • Awakening Dynamics: Secrets to Higher Dimensional Practitioner Manual (printed or PDF class manual)
  • Awakening Dynamics: Secrets to Higher Dimensional Living certificate (printed or PDF)

AND You will also receive this these special VIP bonus calls for joining the class:

  • One Hour Health Club Call:

Do you feel as good as you want to feel everyday? Is your body operating at optimal health? Would you like to take off a few pounds? Are you secretly (or not so secretly) afraid of aging? No matter what condition you are in Brent Phillips can help you feel better, weigh less or look younger when you join him at The Health Club. When you go to the gym you might workout WITH blocks, but the very thing that stops you from making changes – are your sub-conscious blocks!! Join us for The Health Club and clear your sub-conscious blocks to health and well-being.

  • One Hour Love Club Call:

Are you waiting for ‘the one?’ Are you wondering if they even exist? Or have you found ‘the one’ but want to go deeper? Wait no more. Wonder no further. Welcome to Awakening Dynamics – The Love Club. Brent Phillips offers you the quickest, most effective way to remove your blocks to relationships, intimacy and connection so you can get on with going deeper, feeling more fulfilled and enjoying everyday in love. Join us for The Love Club and clear your sub-conscious blocks to intimacy.

  • One Hour Wealth Club Call:

Are you meant to be more prosperous? Are you tired of struggling? Would increasing your wealth help you do more things? Do you think there must be an easier way? Well, you’re right, there is! Welcome to Awakening Dynamics – The World Wide Wealth Club. Brent Phillips offers you the quickest, most effective way to remove your blocks to wealth and prosperity so you can live the life you’re meant to live and have the impact you’re meant to have. Join us for The World Wide Wealth Club and clear your sub-conscious blocks to wealth and prosperity.

Always with a 110% Money-Back Miracle Guarantee!

Learn cutting edge tools of consciousness so you can create miraculous instant healings and remarkable prosperity, love, and abundance

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WARNING: This Seminar May Change Your Life!
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