Allergy Clearing Meditation


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Allergy Clearing Meditation


I have been hanging out for hours in friends’ houses with dogs and cats, petting their animals ­ and no allergic reaction.

Thank you Brent! I’ve been struggling with pet allergies for decades. It was so frustrating to not be able to interact with animals I love or to visit friends who have pets. When I heard that Brent offers healing to clear allergies I knew instantly I had to do it. After my first try with Allergy Clearing Meditation audio, 90% my allergies were gone – no sneezing, no wheezing, no coughing, no itching. My muscle testing showed that I had pet-related trauma and I continued with the Trauma Clearing Meditation. Since then I have been hanging out for hours in friends’ houses with dogs and cats, petting their animals ­ and no allergic reaction!
I can’t say enough how grateful I am to Brent for making these materials available. They are really easy to follow and provide tools that I continue to use daily. I refer all my friends to him and I think everyone who is suffering from allergies should give the Allergy Clearing Meditation a try!
Yelena Shor
Los Angeles, California

After hearing Brent on the Manifest Everything Now program, I decided to purchase the program he offered. I went through the programs and felt “different” right from the start.  The first 4 programs were fine, but what really impressed me was the Allergy clearing program. I have had allergies to EVERYTHING my whole life…dust, dust mites, preservatives, cats, dogs, grasses, dyes, molds, mold spores, trees…I can go on , but you get the picture. I did the allergy clearing to cats and dogs first; I wasn’t really expecting anything major; I simply thought I’d “try it”. Several days later, I was driving home from a friend’s house (who has 2 dogs), when I suddenly realized that I didn’t have the itchy eyes and wheezing that I normally had after leaving her house. Encouraged by this, I decided to try clearing dust and dust mites that night. The next day I awoke without the congestion or swollen eyes that were part of my morning routine.

Now I am methodically working on my other allergies and I expect the same or even better results.  I can’t wait to see my allergist next month and get his opinion on my progress!

– Anna


One of my favorite things to heal is allergies, because I so frequently get great results.

In fact, I’ve probably seen more instant healings on allergies than any other type of health problem.


In November of 2008 I tried a little experiment at a live demonstration, where I had a group of ten people with cat allergies all come up to the stage at once. I did about 5 minutes of healing on the group.

Several of them called or emailed me in the following weeks to tell me that their cat allergy was completely gone!


And not a single person got back to me to tell me they still had a problem.



”  Thank to you, I no longer have an allergy!

Dear Brent,
Thanks to you, I no longer have an allergy!
I was advised by my doctor to drink protein shakes  every day to help build muscle in my ailing leg..  I complied until I began to have symptoms right after I drank it.
I tested the protein shake and the test proved positive for allergy to it. I was really upset because I don’t like to eat much meat and eggs don’t appeal either.
Luckily I had your cd on allergy clearing! I played the cd, followed the directions and the allergy disappeared! One session!
That was months ago and I’ve been drinking protein shakes every day since with no symptoms of any kind.
Thank you a thousand times!
– Janet Drue-Manson
Baltimore, Maryland


(Of course not everyone got back to me, but anybody who has worked in holistic or alternative healing knows that quite frequently people will get amazing, life-changing miraculous results, and never tell you about it.)

Nothing in life is 100%, but healing allergies with the Awakening Dynamics is the closest thing to 100% consistently great results that I’ve seen, so I have developed this allergy clearing meditation to harness the power of the Awakening Dynamics for you to use at home to heal your allergies, conveniently and economically.

And there is no risk to you…you have 30 days to try it out, and if it doesn’t work, you can get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.