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Have you ever wondered if there is a scientific explanation for phenomena such as miraculous instant healings?

Want to learn a simple, rational, step-by-step technique to fill your life with health, wealth, and love?

Are you frustrated with all the self-help books and seminars that don’t deliver results for YOU?

Did you know that thousands of people around the world are now using the consciousness technology of energy healing and experiencing miraculous instant healings and profound life transformations?

Where Science Meets Spirit: The Awakening Dynamics® bridges the gap between the worlds of science and spirituality by presenting the scientific principles used by healers, mystics, self-help gurus, and miracle workers to manipulate and bend the fabric of reality itself.

Using the metaphor of the personal computer, we can easily learn a step-by-step process for reprogramming the defective “software” in the subconscious mind to facilitate miraculous instant healings, attract great wealth and prosperity, and manifest loving and fulfilling relationships.