The Awakening Intensive

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An immersive experience of living in higher consciousness!


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The Awakening Intensive

When you are ready to transcend the limitation of the ego and discover the truth of your being, you are ready for your Awakening Intensive!

The real question is: How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

If your answer is “All the way to the bottom and I’m bringing a pick and shovel to keep going down from there!” – Please keep reading – This is exactly what you are looking for!

The Awakening Intensive is a rare opportunity to join with an intimate group of including Brent Phillips (and sometimes his own master teachers) in a year-long intensive workshop that will open your life to incredible change!

The serious spiritual seeker knows that you cannot find true fulfillment or enlightenment by getting money, health, or even love. Instead, the highest levels of the spiritual journey are about transcending the limitations of the mind and discovering the truth of who you really are.

You attain your highest goals with Awakening.
Awake Wabbit
Rather than give you a course that’s a bunch of lectures on the spiritual principles, this one is different. We set your course on how to attain these “goals” by revealing your Awakened Perspective.  The Awakening Intensive provides learning through active participation with solo and partner exercises, meditations, class sharing, movement, and consciousness shifting.

This class is like no other because you’re guided…as Rumi said:

“Without a guide, a journey of 3 weeks will take 100 years”.


Danny Kastner

“The Awakening Dynamics program is truly your “foot in the door” to enlightenment, bliss and total liberation from suffering.”

“In the Awakening Intensive, Brent will work with you using the most advanced cutting-edge spiritual technologies available to assure your own Awakening within just a few hours… and the intensive just gets better from there. Each week you’ll go deeper into the process and achieve greater rewards for your life!”   – Danny Kastner

“Often you think you understand a concept or have limited knowledge of it, with Brent explaining it in a different way, you get an “Eureka” moment and it all makes sense!   – Roy Thaller, Awakening Dynamics Teacher

Live video feedback sessions led by Brent are held twice per month 

In addition, there are additional (optional) individual assignments and weekly partner exercises to help you find your highest potential as quickly and as easily as possible.

The core elements of the Intensive completely cover the bases of the full embodiment of Awakening:

Awakening Foundations with BrentFoundational Elements – with Awakening Dynamics creator Brent Phillips

  • Presentations of advanced Non-Duality teachings in simple, easily understood, everyday language
  • Subconscious Reprogramming session to clear Awakening Blocks
  • Advanced Consciousness Shifting Open-Eye Meditations (these meditations are not boring and can be downright psychedelic)
  • Movement Feedback Holography to identify and shift the hidden mythologies running (ruining?) your life
  • Coaching on bringing a higher Awakened perspective to students’ biggest challenges in day to day life

A Dynamic Community: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats!

  • Individual and partner exercises to be done outside of the live sessions
  • Powerful group healings for all students who need them
  • Holistic Movement and Video Holography (embodiment through movement)
  • Private Facebook group ONLY for Awakening Intensive participants

After completing your Awakening Intensive, the benefits you may experience include:

  • Discovering and coming to crystal clear understanding of who and what YOU truly are
  • Significant lessening or total disappearance of stress and fear, in particular money stress and money fears
  • Powerful enhancement of intuitive ability, including seeing auras and past lives with your open eyes
  • Clearing of hundreds or thousands of limiting belief systems and mythologies via special movement and embodiment exercises
  • Finally understand at a deep and profound level what the world’s great spiritual teachers, gurus, and prophets have been trying to tell us for thousands of years
  • The fast-track to embody your Awakening, transcend the polarity of the mind, body, and soul, and start living every moment of your life moving closer and closer to total enlightenment
  • Starting to experience first hand what it’s like to live in pure spiritual truth

Please note that the Awakening is not specifically about discovering energy healing, subconscious belief systems, past lives, DNA activation, or even the truth about your soul; those are all wonderful things, but the Awakening transcends even the realm of energy and the soul, opening the door to the highest levels of consciousness.

The Awakening Intensive



(or 12 installments of $297)

The Awakening Intensive is a year long program that includes:

  • Twenty four (two per month) 90 minute semi-private live video sessions with Brent and other master teachers
  • Regular partner growth exercises
  • Access to the private Awakening Intensive Facebook community
  • Admission to the Awakening Dynamics Ambassador/Teacher class
  • Year-long Gold level VIP Club membership

Live Session Times:
We intend to hold the live sessions primarily on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We’ll be alternating between daytime and evening (in the USA) times to ensure all students can participate, regardless of where you live or what your typical schedule is.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds on the Awakening Intensive.

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