Daniel The Healer: Healing Hard Times


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Bigger Header Thu Oct 26 2:30 – 5:30 Pacific

Healing Hard Times!

Learn, understand, witness, experience and receive healing!

Daniel the Healer
Live in Los Angeles or Watch Online in HD Video


Synopsis: Time is an illusion. It is important to approach past traumas and hurt in the right way.

During this workshop you will learn and experience the correct way to access the past, and – using the power of choice of the present – heal any kind of unresolved issues that hold you back.

You will also go through a “Heart Love Activation” process that will greatly amplify any healing modality that you already do.


100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you attend the entire live workshop and don’t like it, just email support@awakeningdynamics.com by 9pm Pacific Time on Wednesday to get a 100% refund. Note that you must complete the live workshop to receive a refund.

DANIEL THE HEALER: As an Intuitive, Holistic Energy Healer for over 20 years, Daniel has developed an exceptionally large “bag of tricks.” These are unique techniques that enable him to heal many conditions occurring on multiple levels of you. And what’s even more convenient for you – he can work with you over Skype to anywhere in the world!

With Medical Intuition, he can see where your imbalances are, and use his talents, including Psychic Surgery and Magical Gazing, to bring you into alignment with your healthy, free self so that you feel relief fast.

His first session with you tends to be a Life Essence Reading where he looks at over 55 criteria in your Energy Field and reports back to you how this plays out in your life. Then you and him can go about fixing those parts you don’t like. The Life Essence Reading covers energy field issues such as psychic weapons, limitations in your chakras, difficult attachments with other people, and blocks to your spiritual path and purpose. He can also heal unresolved issues, traumas and shocks from this and previous lives, releasing them and then working with you one-on-one to become the free, empowered, Spiritual Self you authentically are. Love and value yourself enough to heal and to receive healing

For more information please visit http://www.DanielTheHealer.com.

ONLINE: The link and password are in the PDF file you will get when you register.

LIVE: Courtyard Marriott – Right by the Public Cafe on the Veranda
10320 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles California 90064
Special parking rate applies. Please inform the parking attendant for a discounted rate!



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