Gian Girardi Awakening Clinic – Live in LA and Online – April 15 2015


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Abundance vs. Scarcity
The Devine Perspective

Exclusive training by the founder of the
Brain Optimization Institute,
Gian Paolo Girardi, MS, MA 

April 15, 2015 – 9:30am – 12:30pm

Live in Los Angeles or Watch Online in DynamicsHD Video


“Our civilization tells you that ‘you are entitled to abundance if you do enough, then you become a working machine.’ Metaphysics tells you that ‘you are a divine being having a human experience, and therefore you are entitled to abundance because of what you are, instead of what you do.’ However, that “separate divine being” cannot be found anywhere. Therefore, this idea is only somewhat closer to the Truth.

Come this Wednesday and learn how the realization of Non-Duality impacts the search for abundance.
Non-Duality is about realizing that everything is Consciousness. This realization does not leave any aspect of life untouched, and the struggle for survival and to experiencing abundance is not exempted.

The increasing number of individuals experiencing scarcity in the US, with so many that have lost their homes and many living in the streets, increases the collective fear. Non-Duality offers a powerful perspective that can free anyone from all fear to ultimate abundance.

Come this Wednesday to a satsang (highest truth lecture) with Gian Girardi and learn how the wide vistas of Non-Duality impact the struggle for survival and abundance.