Jim Dreaver Awakening Clinic – Apr ’17 – Live in LA and Online


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Embodiment of Awakening!

Exclusive training by the Master Teacher of Awakening Jim Dreaver

Live in Los Angeles or Watch Online in HD Video

Jim Dreaver has published three books about personal transformation and awakening, the most recent being End Your Story, Begin Your Life (Hampton Roads, 2012). He has taught his work at Esalen Institute and many other venues.

Web: www.jimdreaver.com     Cell: 310-916-4037


100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you attend the entire live workshop and don’t like it, just email support@awakeningdynamics.com by 9pm Pacific Time on Wednesday to get a 100% refund. Note that you must complete the live workshop to receive a refund.

Healing our Global Family: Awakening to the Beautiful People We Are

A new Awakening workshop from Jim Dreaver!

“The awakening practice gives us an almost immediate taste of the freedom, love, and creative power of our true nature. Do it every time we get lost in or distracted by a thought, “story,” or suffering, and I promise it will lead to our being fully awake and free, essentially 24/7.”

Awakening to freedom from worry, anxiety, fear, resentment, anger, and all forms of suffering is the greatest gift we’ll ever give ourselves. Awakening connects us in our hearts, so the more of us that are awake and free, the safer our world, and then we—the whole of humanity, ultimately—can truly thrive.

At the root of all suffering is this ego “I” we take ourselves to be, and its history of long-ago hurts, betrayals, and losses. Because of this past wounding, it fears for its very survival, and is hell-bent on maintaining its separate existence through being right, controlling, judging, holding grudges, and resisting what is.

The only way out of the ego’s grip is through awakening to the beautiful people we are, underneath all our negative “stories” and beliefs about ourselves.

This workshop explores the awakening practice, a simple way of coming back to presence whenever we notice ourselves getting distracted by thinking, or are suffering in some way, as a tool for doing that.

Additionally, we will engage in a series of 1) guided meditations, 2) learning to welcome our emotional triggers because they’re showing us where we’re still identified with our ego “I,” and 3) eye-gazing with a partner, as processes to help us further awaken to freedom.

By the end of this workshop, many of us will feel lighter, more expanded, and more in touch with love and freedom of our true nature. As our ease and comfort with the awakening practice and other processes deepens, we will reap many long-term benefits:


  • End virtually all the emotional stress, suffering, and unwanted “drama” in our life, and relax more fully into the peace and flow of our true (As for any angst that remains, we realize we can trust ourselves to handle it).


  • Enjoy an inner peace that does not depend on beliefs or circumstances, because our mind—our thoughts, “stories,” and emotional reactions—no longer has power over We just don’t take things personally any more.


  • Live with an openness to everyone and everything as our authentic self, fearless and free in the face of events and


  • Discover our unique purpose for being here, and empower us with the realization that we have everything needed to fulfill


  • Address the opportunities, problems, challenges, and occasional crises in our lives from a place of clarity and equanimity, guided by our deepest love and


  • Use the infinite creative power of our mind, of thought and intention, to accomplish our dreams and goals, make our world a better place, and have great new “stories” to tell as a result.


  • Finally, we will begin to share the love and freedom we now experience with others, knowing that when people love and care about each other, it inevitably results in a new, more peaceful, harmonious, and thriving world…

ONLINE: The link and password are in the PDF file you will get when you register.

LIVE: Courtyard Marriott – Right by the Public Cafe on the Veranda
10320 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles California 90064
Special parking rate applies. Please inform the parking attendant for a discounted rate!