Spiritual Weight Loss


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Spiritual Weight Loss:

How to Transform Your Body, Reverse Aging, and Achieve Optimal Health

Starting in the summer of 2007, I embarked on a quest to lose weight, get into shape, and transform my body and my health.

Progress was frustrating and slow at first…

But after learning a few key secrets, I was able to lose approximately 75 pounds in 6 months, heal all the symptoms of type 2 diabetes symptoms I had, improve my energy and mental focus, and look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life…and top of everything else, it saved my life!

Me Before Spiritual Weight Loss – September 2007


Me & my kitty Angel after Spiritual Weight Loss– September 2008


Want to learn how to:
  • Regain your Optimal Health
  • Shed excess pounds
  • Detoxify your body
  • Look and feel younger

It’s just NOT FAIR for me to keep this valuable information to myself, so I have developed this e-book and companion intensive coaching and healing program that incorporates the “best of the best” techniques I’ve learned about weight loss, reversing aging, detoxification, improving health and energy, and body transformation.

  • Learn the #1 mistake people make when using diets and cleanses that prevents weight loss
  • Learn why traditional food deprivation diets don’t work to make you slimmer, healthier, or younger
  • Learn the 3 simple changes to how and when you eat that will keep you healthy, young, and lean forever!

I had struggled with my weight my entire life – in fact, a doctor put me on my first diet when I was four years old!

In the spring of 2007, I was close to 300 pounds, obese, and getting all the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, including hypoglycemia and skin tags.

I made a focused effort to get into shape: I did emotional clearing, I quit drinking soda, I quit eating desserts and fattening foods, I ate more salads, I bought a water alkalizing machine, and I started working out like a demon, doing 3 hour worksouts 6 days per week.

I made some progress, but it was minimal and slow…after four months of intense dieting and exercise, I had lost about 12 pounds and hit a plateua.

It was then that I learned a few things and started to get serious results, fast!

  • I lost 11 pounds in the first 6 days
  • I lost 25 pounds in the first month
  • I lost 50 pounds in 3 months

At this point I had made great progress, but I had hit another plateua and still wasn’t totally satisfied with my body, so I started reading a lot from the world of bodybuilding, doing coaching sessions, trying various supplements, and experimenting with new workout programs.

And this new knowledge helped me to break through the plateau, drop another 20+ pounds of bodyfat, and start adding lean muscle mass.

  • Learn how to get the benefits of an hour of cardio exercise in just 6 minutes!
  • Learn how eating high calorie foods like ice cream and candy bars at the right time actually helps you lose weight
  • Learn why a gentle, easy cleanse will let you lose weight faster than even the most miserable diet

But I don’t want you to have to spend the years and thousands of dollars that I did to learn all this!


And this is not a diet, a colon cleanse, a fast, or some strict exercise program that makes you miserable!

We all know that diets don’t work. What does work? Simple: synergy and lifestyle transformation

Spirtual Weight Loss leverages synergy to make a permanent transformation to your lifestyle…

And the best part is that every component of the program is optional!

That’s right – you only do the parts of the program that you want to do. So if you never want to exercise, you never have to!

This is because the core of my approach is lifestyle transformation, which means that I don’t want you to force yourself to do something for a short time just because it’s good for you.

What others are saying about Spiritual Weight Loss…


Brent has put together an easy and comprehensive book that ANYONE can follow!

It’s refreshing to see a weight loss book that really lets you choose what works with your lifestyle. As a health and wellness practitioner I see time and time again people who try taking on too much, too fast and they end up back at square one feeling defeated.

Not only is there great information on diet, nutrition and exercise, clearing the mind and changing old belief systems is critical in my opinion to success!

This system gives you all the building blocks to achieve your weight loss and health goals. I will be recommending my clients read this immediately!

– Cynthia Englett of Los Angeles, California


Hi Brent! I’ve read your new book Spiritual Weight Loss and think it will be a huge hit.

Spiritual Weight Loss is well written and easy to follow as a self help guide. There were many programs that I discovered the need to clear – even after I have worked on my own with the weight loss issue. Thanks so much for the sneak peek! I wish you tons of continued success!!!

-Diana Palm of Cape Coral, Florida


MarkPintarThanks, Brent for creating a concise, well written program for weight loss (or should I say excess weight release)!

I had heard of, and tried, many weight loss theories and programs, but your “Spiritual Weight Loss” brings together the most effective tools into one program.

The section on Emotional Clearing was particularly helpful for me, because it helped me identify several blocks I thought I had cleared, but evidently had not gotten to the root. Your blasting of several “Myth-Conceptions” was also very helpful as conventional wisdom is often not so wise. Thank you again, I look forward to continuing the program and living healthier every day.

– Mark Pintar of Los Angeles, California


Your system is comprehensive and gives me a great deal of confidence that I can reach my weight loss goals. It seems to be the total plan for success.

After reading your e-book, Spiritual Weight Loss, I’m ready to start! How could I not be ready?

Now that I have the blue print for weight loss, I fully believe that if I don’t reach my goals it will only be because I didn’t do the work.

I’ve listened to Anthony Robbins and Susie Ormond – both great speakers and motivators – and they make you think that yes, I CAN do this. And then the next day you realize that you don’t have all the tools or complete knowledge to keep it going. You have given me everything I need to reach my goals, change my life and start living healthier!

After reading your book, I’d much rather work your program over the others I have tried. My goals were modest until I finished your book, now I’m gong to set the bar higher. I have printed up the recipes and will try to create some of my own too. I will fax in my order and will set up a session with you to do the emotional clearing. I’m ready for my before shot!

I’m already eating cleaner than I used to and can up the exercise with your secrets of training intensity, but I think for me, it will be the emotional clearing that is key to the whole complete package.

-Chris Hilder of Indio, California

Spiritual Weight Loss comes with a 30-Day, 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose … except for that excess weight!

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