The Health Club November 13th: Clear 1000+ Blocks to Health!


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The Health Club (& Special Healings)

Next: Monday, November 13th, 2017

5:30PM to 7:00 PM PST

(includes access to the recorded call if you can’t attend live)

Want to clear your blocks to achieving great health?

Want to lose weight and get into shape?

Want to halt or even reverse the aging process?

One of the misunderstood and overlooking aspects of great health, great shape, and youth and vitality is your subconscious belief systems!
At the Health Club, Brent Phillips will use the Awakening Dynamics® technique to clear the most common blocks to healing diseases and injuries, as well as perform a DNA Activation to activate your youth and vitality chromosome, remove your genetic programs for growing older and dying, and do a special radiation clearing to remove harmful radiation from your body.
Come to the Health Club…and be forever young and regenerating!!

The Health Club consists of the following:

  • How programs held in your subconscious mind affect your health
  • How to use muscle testing to check for these subconscious blocks
  • Exercises to identify and muscle test these blocks to health, such as “I have to be heavy to be powerful” and “If I am attractive I will get too much attention”
  • Group healing led by Brent Phillips to clear these blocks and reset our subconscious programming to generate youth, health, and vitality

Every Health Club also includes one or more of the following “Special Event” healings:

  • A guided DNA Activation to activate your Youth and Vitality chromosomes
  • A guided DNA Activation to release genetic programs for aging
  • “Sending Love to Baby in the Womb” time-regression healing
  • Clearing of harmful radiation from your body and cell phone
  • A guided mitochondrial DNA activation
  • Clearing of free-floating unconscious memories, aka “engram banks”

Get Healthy – Get into Shape – Get Youthful Again!

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