The Awakening Dynamics® as a Self Help Technique

There are many forms of self-help available – if you go into any bookstore, you will find entire shelves filled with books dedicated to self-help, self-improvement, self-help seminars, and self-help programs. There is a bewildering array of self-help choices available – so why should you use the Awakening Dynamics® instead of these other methods of self-improvement?

self-improvement through subconscious reprogramming

Many of the most powerful and most popular self-help programs and self-help seminars are based on the idea of reprogramming our subconscious mind. Whether you are interested in self-improvement for relationships, finances, health, spirituality, or anything else, “those in the know” all agree that the only permanent and lasting way to achieve self-help and effective self improvement is changing the programming inside of us.

Our self-help gurus and authors have been telling us for nearly a century now about the power of the subconscious mind, and how it was the fastest and best way to self-improvement. Napoleon Hill’s books, such as Think and Grow Rich, were written decades ago, yet their powers of self-help and self-improvement are still as valid and important today as they were in the 1930s. Why? Because any truly effective self-help program needs to address the subconscious mind!

The most successful current day self-help programs and self-help seminars also revolve around reprogramming the subconscious mind. Quite simply, you cannot achieve effective and lasting self-help without working with the subconscious. Self improvement programs are most effective when they not only change what is inside our conscious mind, but the self help they provide works best when they change what is inside our subconscious mind.

Direct, precise, and powerful self-improvement with the Awakening Dynamics®

One thing that sets the Awakening Dynamics® apart from other self-improvement and self-help programs and self- help seminars is the way that we can directly and precisely work with the subconscious mind inside of us.

Other self-help programs and self-help seminars use indirect methods at test to determine what is in our subconscious mind, so that we can change it. For example, If you are working with a self-help program in order to improve your finances, you might go to a self-help seminar where they tell you to make various statements about rich people and see how it makes you feel. If it brings up negative emotions such as anger or guilt or shame, its means that you have something going on in your subconscious mind that is blocking you from becoming a rich person.

Fast, Precise Measurement of Self-Improvement with Muscle Testing

the Awakening Dynamics® has a much more precise and quantitative technique for measuring our self-improvement – muscle testing ! Instead of using indirect methods such as checking how we feel, muscle testing can provide instant feedback to our self-improvement program by directly checking and getting a precise and obvious result. So, rather than simply stating “It is okay for me to be a rich person”, and seeing how we feel after making a statement, we can instead use muscle testing to check correctly, quickly, and precisely whether or not our subconscious mind believes it is okay for us to be a rich person.

These other self-help programs, self-help seminars, and other self-improvement techniques are valid and can be powerful and wonderful, but they are less precise because most (if not all) of them do not know how to directly check the subconscious mind with muscle testing.

Equally as important, if you find programs in your subconscious mind that are blocking you from the self-help and self-improvement desire, it is important to know when you have adequately addressed and released negative programs that you can move on to other things.

For example, you may engage in a self-help seminar or other self-improvement program and find that you believe on your subconscious mind that rich people are greedy. It is important to remove this block, so that you will allow more wealth into your life. Other self-help programs and self-help seminars may give you a mantra to say 100 times a day for six months that “rich people are compassionate”. This can be an effective way of reprogramming the subconscious, but it is also slow and wasteful – what happens if you use the self-improvement technique and you make the shifting your subconscious on the very first or second day? Other self-help and self-improvement programs will have you wasting your time for the next six months changing something that has already been fixed! By contrast, the technique of Theta Healing and muscle testing will tell you immediately when it has shifted so you can stop wasting your time and focus on other things.

The Awakening Dynamics® as an Extremely Fast Self-Help Program

Further, other self-help programs and self-help seminars are much slower in changing the negative subconscious programs that are limiting us and preventing us from achieving the self-improvement we desire. It can be effective to say a mantra 100 times a day for six months, or to snap yourself with a rubber band and have a negative thought – but this is a very slow way to change yourself!

The Awakening Dynamics® can make the exchange extremely quickly, sometimes in an instant – and it rarely takes more than a few minutes, unlike other self-help programs and self-help seminars.

The Awakening Dynamics® works with other Self Help Programs and Self Help Seminars

The Awakening Dynamics® is also incredibly flexible, and is designed to work with other self-help programs and self-help seminars to bring you the self-improvement you are seeking as quickly as possible.

Unlike other forms of self-help and self-improvement they tell you that you can only be doing this one thing and should not be wasting your time and energy on anything else, the approach of the Awakening Dynamics® is to support and enhance the other self-help programs and self-help seminars you are involved in. quite simply, So, if you’re going to some two-week camp to help reprogram your subconscious for prosperity, it can be quite effective to do the Awakening Dynamics® ahead of time to remove any blocks you may have to getting the most out of the camp.

In fact, one of the most effective uses of Theta is to make your other self-help programs and self-help seminars work better for you. Self-improvement comes in many forms, and Theta is certainly not the only self-help program that can work for you.

At the same time, Many people who have experienced the incredible power and speed of Theta end up spending a lot less time and energy on other self-help programs and self-help seminars, simply because they find that Theta is the best route to self-improvement.

Measurable, repeatable self-improvement results

Another benefit of using the Awakening Dynamics® as a self-help program is that you can reliably test and ensure that the self-improvement benefits you are receiving are sticking with you. It’s a simple matter to write down any muscle test programs that you wish to check later to ensure that you are keeping your healing and self-improvement results!

So, if you find that you believed your subconscious mind that rich people are greedy, and you were able to release this program, you want to be sure that the self-improvement is sticking with you and not disappearing when you leave the self-help seminar. With Theta and muscle testing, this you can simply reject yourself laterto see that your self-improvement results are sticking with you and are truly permanent!

Other self-help programs, self-help seminars, and methods of self-improvement can be effective and powerful, but generally do not offer these methods of measuring quantitatively whether or not the self improvement results you receiving last.