Dear Brent,

This makes my heart sing!! Annie 15 1/2 yrs old, 2 weeks after her awesome healing session and liquid Maitake mushroom and Vit D supplements …. miracles occurring …

With Gratitude Always …

Nancy Justice

About a year after taking the four basic courses with Brent in LA, I had an experience very similar to Brent with his mother and endometrial cancer.  My daughter who lives in a city across the country is handicapped and has been in a wheelchair most of her life and is now in her 50’s.  Through another daughter who I live with, I found out she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer at Level 3 and was scheduled for surgery in 4 weeks.  I do talk to her occasionally by phone  but had not heard about this, so I called, got the details and briefly tried to explain Theta Healing.  She is strongly in the baptist religion so I simply explained it was a form of energy healing prayer and asked if I could use it for her.   She said yes and I asked her to hold on the line.  When I went to the Creator and commanded the healing and returned (less than a minute) I found she had put me on hold to talk with one of her doctors who called.  I didn’t have time or her attention to do much else so I just asked to be kept informed of what was happening.  She had the surgery and was taken to ICU after and I learned the next day she started to have resiratory problems, which is the greates threat for her since she does not have the muscle strength to cough and expel congestion.  I returned to the Creator and asked that any post surgical complications be healed since I wasn’t sure i had covered that in my original command.  Within a day, the lungs began to clear and she went home 3 days later to the surprise of the doctors, staff and family.  She had lab tests on the tissue removed and had been scheduled for chemo and radiation therapy after surgery.  The surgeon told her after the lab results that this was only the second case she has ever seen where the tissue had no signs of cancer.  Chemo and radiation therapy was suspended and she has been cancer free over a year later.  As Brent says in his case with his mother, this has certainly made all the time and expense in learning about Theta Healing worth it and a  blessing in itself. 

Bernie Scott


Bernie ScottNorth Las Vegas, NV

The Awakening Dynamics website, and the VIP Club in particular, has been an invaluable resource to me both as a healer and for my own personal growth.  I highly recommend becoming a member of the VIP Club and also purchasing and listening to Brent’s extremely powerful, possibly life-changing, audio programs!  These resources are well worth the price!

Heidi AlinaAlbuquerque, NM

My brother and I both were born with a lazy right eye. He had two surgeries, neither helped. I’ve had heaps of vision therapy, also to no avail. After a half-hour session with Brent, my eyes track together for the first time in decades. The right eye is still weaker in prescription, but I can wear glasses I haven’t been able to wear in years because my right eye is no longer off in Siberia. I am ever so grateful.

ECOakland, CA

Hi Brent,

I really enjoyed the satsang you held a few days ago, especially the referral to the absolute and relative perspectives. Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions, as it helped clarify what we were confused about from the articles. I am looking forward to your upcoming trainings!

Maria Green

I bought Brent’t package after listening to you wealth with Darius and I have been clearing for  a day or so and I just cannot believe the shift that has happened in my life.

I have dragged a pattern of heartbreaks in relationhsips since the age of 12.

The word relationships is no correct, because none of these have ever developped beyond the stage of meeting someone, liking them them liking me back and then out of the blue this person who seemed so mitten with me all of sudden wouldn’t even meet for a coffee.

It happened about 5 times and everytime I went into pain and loss months and sometimes years at a time and I couldn’t understand what had happened.

The last time it happened, it was 6 years ago, I met a guy who was the manifestation of my dream guy.

I had made a vision board one month prior with Georges Clooney in his scrubs (from ER), I had no clue what my ideal guy looked like and I wasn’t convinced but thought, well if he is anything like good old Geroges, it can’t be bad.

During that month, I was meditating and praying, I was very centered, my performing career was taking off and at the same time I was thinking if I stayed single until the end of my days, I would be fine.

So I met him at one of my giggs, he was one of the performers on the bill, We got introduced by a mutual acquaintance, when I first set eyes on him I thought.. cute… but nothing more, then we started talking and he said something to another guy which I found hillarioulsy funny and I laughed, I couldn’t stop..

During that laughter something happened, I had like a flashback, literally a light went on in my head, it was like someone just turned the lights on and I saw this image of myself as a little girl, age 8, laughing.

When I stopped laughing, I looked around and it was like coming out of a trance, I realised that everyone else was silent and that I had been laughing really loud, I felt embarassed, so I made my excuses and left the table thinking, this is weird and went to join anohter group of performers at another table. 

He came later on and asked for my phone number, I gave it to him without asking for his and made my way out as soon as my performance was finished, I just wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible and left wihout even saying goodbye.

He texted me later on that night and said he thought I was really talented. I also found out from another friend, that the performing was just his hobby and that  he was actually a surgeon.

He kept texting and calling me and I kept thinking why would this successful, good looking, funny, witty, surgeon would want from me?

I finally decided to meet him after 3weeks, the night before the meeting without knowing why, I felt so sad, I drank a bottle of wine and cried all night, I cried over all the realtionships that have never gone anywhere, over  the people I met and loved and who ditched me out of the blue for no apparent reason.

I should have been happy, I wasn’t, I had a sense of foreboding which I didn’t understand,  I knew somehow that he was too good for me and that I was going to blow it.

I decided that the best course of action was to have a chaperone for our first date, I decided to bring my ex along to the ‘date’, he then said well if you bring a ‘friend’  then I will bring a friend along. he got delayed for about 4 hours, he was called to operate on a guy with kidney failureas as he was about to leave to meet me, so he arrived late,  and I was fuming.

I din’t understand how someone could be 4 hours late for a first date 🙂 

I had drank about 2 bottles of wine to calm my nerves and was in a foul mood. It was the most horrible date I have ever had, with my ex giving him tips on how to get me to sleep with him or something similar 🙂

I lectured him that night on the non-sense of being a surgeon, I told him that he went into surgery simply to get his dads approval, his dad is also a surgeon, I told him that he was a far better performer and he shouldn’t waste his gifts being a surgeon, that medicine was based on a false premise and that it would soon be wipped out by energy healing.

The following day I sent him a long email saying that as I was super entlightened and he obvioulsy wasn’t as someone who was practicing main stream medicine, that he was a moron, and that consequently there was 0 possiblity for him and me to ever co-exist in the same universe let along be friends.

He replied saying that he wished me well.

I was uneasy about the whole thing, so I contacted him a month later and apologised for my behaviour saying that I had abandonment issues and if we could be friends, yes sure..he said.but he never took anohter call from me or agreed to meet me.

I have been pinning for him ever since, it’s coming up to 6 years.

I,ve tried every trick in the book to get him to change his mind, I have beliefs around if I don’t earn it I won’t appreciate it,

I had so much grief and sense of loss, 3 days after I met him, a voice in my head said, he is the one…I tried to move on few times, i.e meeting other people but I kept recereating the pattern, it has actually gotten worse, I have been dragging this sense of being a reject all these years.

I did the grief and loss clearing yesterday and it’s like it never happened.

I found out through muscle testing that we have a past life connection (I had known before) and that he had an agreement to be with me in this life time whereas i didn’t have one with him.

I released him from his agreement and the whole thing shifted, I cannot believe it, for the first time in years, I have no regrets or sense of loss about what could have been.

I think of him with fondness and strangely joy, but there is no charge, it’s a kind of take it or  leave it feeling, whereas before, it felt like a compulsion to be with him.

I have practiced so much stuff over the years, from affirmations, to visualisation, to meditation to hypnosis, I have dedicated an hour a day for the last two and a half years to make something pop, but it never did until now!

Dear Brent, thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift! I feel amazing! Keep up the good work!

With Love


Hello Brent,

I just watched your Confidence 101 video series now.  Your interpretation of confidence in many life situations was unique and freeing.

It both reinforced some ideas and gave me new ideas to try out.  I’ll let you know what unfolds. Thank you for this series.




Elaine GCanada

Dear Brent, I just did my first Program lecture and Block Clearing program from the package I purchased on the uwealthrevolution.  I truly wasn’t expecting anything to occur immediately, but literally the minute I finished the clearing program and took the headphones out of my ears, my brother sent me an electronic transfer of some money he owed me.  Although I had no doubt he would pay me within the next week or two, I found the timing of his sending it through email to be EXTREMELY coincidental, such that it has to be related to me unblocking something and not a coincidence.  It was truly amazing.  I’m a believer and can’t wait to continue through the programs!!  Thank you.  Chris

Chris Brandellvienna

Dear Brent,

   MY husband and I worked through our transformation over the past 4 years strong.  Strong meaning we were not going to make it.  We could not let go of stupid stuff and lost all communication as anger and resentment settled in our relationship.  You were the first straw we grabbed to help the underling blicks.  We could use your tecniques very quickly and easy.  We are 59 & 60 not attached to conventional medicine at all, so your healing program worked wonders.  It was something we could do together.  Weird at first but wonderful at last.  We have been together for 37 years and feel we can go the distance now that we have tools to work through the stuff we cannot see with the natural eye.  Thank you, we will always be grateful.

I was looking for an affiliate site so I could add your information to my new E-Book released this week!  We will list the web but if you have an affiliate site would you please send me the information.  Thanks so much, we will see you soon!  



Jess & Peg ZunigaFrederick

Dear Brent,

I have been a VIP Club member for more than a year now. At the beginning I was thinking that once I will get through all the recordings and trainings that are in the archive I will no longer keep the membership. Now … the more I read and listen, the more I love it. All the new stuff that you are making available each month, the teachings and the clearing sessions are amazing! The Free [Awakening Dynamics] sessions you offer as a VIP Club benefit are so powerful … Other people’s problems resonate with me and I had lots of clearings done just by piggy-backing on their clearing. It worked almost every time. I am grateful for everything you do and for the fact that you walk your talk, being a student and a teacher, being on purpose as you serve, being genuine and compassionate. THANK YOU. Codrutsa Rotaru, Vancouver, Canada





I took my 17 year old son, Xandar, to Brent because he had a very similar problem as Brent, a partially frozen elbow.(injury from a motocross accident).  In

just one hour from a healing session, Xandar gained an increase of 2 inches of range of motion!!! This could have

taken at least 2 to 3 years in conventional therepy at best!! Progress up to this point had been VERY slow and painful.

The next day Xandar rode his dirtbike and said he felt like he had a new arm!! (And this from a kid that doesn’t exactly exaggerate.)

He was finally able to get back into racing again which is very important to him as he plans to ride professionally.  And his arm 

continues to improve as he keeps finding innovative new ways to work it out ever since the sesssion. (He is now energetically lined up to heal!)


Since then, I have joined the VIP club, benefited from the club calls, purchased the many valuable programs and gotten myself certified as a [Awakening Dynamics] healer.  I feel

Brent is performing a fantastic service, making [Awakening Dynamics] both affordable and accessible. I’ve reasearched a lot of

healing modalities and haven’t been able to find anything better!  Thank you Brent!


Kimberlee Summurs

I went through the Unleash your Inner Millionaire I about 2 weeks ago, and just about every day since then, I’ve been recieving either free money (ranging from $5 to $400) from different sources.  I’ve also attracted “rich” experiences into my life like experiencing a formal holiday dinner party (eating off of GOLD utensils), and having 2 different people offer to find me a “millionaire husband” (joking of course) without knowing I did this program!  I am also able to recognize different forms of “wealth” in my life that I did not appreciate before.  I am interested in what Unleash Your Inner Millionaire II has in store…


I had suffered from a severe illness which had me bed-ridden for over a year. With five heavy-duty neurological medications I can now get out of bed and live a good enough life.  I have tried SO many healing modalities, with the “best” healers on earth, in order to heal this illness to no avail (even though my spiritual growth has expanded greatly). After just one session with Brent, I had a moderate amount of relief of my symptoms and this is a BIG DEAL. However, Brent addresses the underlying of the underlying of the underlying issues, as deeply as I was able to go.  After my second session, my symptoms are almost gone and I feel FREE! Free of, in my words, “hang-ups.” Free is the best word I can come up with. I am no longer the slave of my unconscious issues. I clearly see who I am and I am good. I also see everyone else as good. I easily go into oneness with anything in nature. I make everything in my house beautiful. I love going into oneness with flowers and every different flower has a different energy 🙂 Rocks have a different energy. The greatest thing is going into oneness with people. Brent is an absolute genius. He is gentle, patient and limitless in his guidance. I more than HIGHLY recommend that everyone on earth have individual sessions with Brent – this Earth would be new – we would all be clear about who we are and we would all Love ourselves and each other. ~ Juliann Calvey 

Juliann CalveyHinsdale, United States

Wether you join the VIP club first or take a basic [Awakening Dynamics] class there is always something available through the VIP Club to subscribers. Brent allows you to have a real experience before joining, with one of the monthly block clearing sessions. My first experience with the Wealth Club cleared beliefs which immediatly showed up in my paycheck by picking up more clients and being fully booked during a normally slow season. The interesting thing was that everyone else at work didn’t have many clients except for me. If you take a [Awakening Dynamics] class, the VIP club further supports what you have learned so you don’t forget. I particulary like the monthly special events which seem to cover what I’d like to learn in that moment in my healing and spiritual development. I believe that [Awakening Dynamics] should be taught to all of us as children when our minds are mostly in that [Awakening Dynamics] brainwave to instill tools that we need for a lifetime.

J. LeeVancouver, Canada
My Husband Could Speak Again!
Alex Thompson

I was a recent customer of yours in [Awakening Dynamics].  I’m just writing to say Thank you and I’ll definitely try to make it to one of your classes on [Awakening Dynamics].  Before I went to you, I didn’t know what to do with my book since I was done.  After that one session, Weeks later, I had millions of brilliant Idea’s that developed into my head.  Not only do I know how to market my book but I also have the knowledge to send it out to the right audience.  I’m now developing personal packages of my work in the form of a bundle (Illustrated Map, Special Lunch Box, Limited edition hard cover, video presentation on flash drive, etc.,)  Dude, I’m like not seeing myself just only as an author but as a corporate business.  I honestly can say that I can manage money and market it perfectly well.  People are giving me ideas about the stock market and investors who are willing to give millions to first time authors.  I also feel that I can see this as my full time job from now on.  Dude, you’re awesome…  It’s really awesome!

Lamont Sanders
Glenn McLendon

I want to tell you about our healing sessions. You might recall that you and I had several private sessions on my excrutiating body muscle, joint and fascia pain in January. Our first session was on 24 January.

The background story is that I woke up one morning a few days before Christmas literally unable to move without experiencing severe pain in my major muscle groups of my legs above the knees, gluteous maximus, lower back, shoulders, deltoids, etc. The “severe” pain progressed into excrutiating which I measured with muscle testing as greater than 8 level. Days went by with no improvement from the medical doctors – prescribed pain pills and took tests. My blood test SEDS rate (a method of determining level of inflammation in the body) was 85 (normal is 0 – 30) and I was positive for RH factor – indicating possibility of Rheumatoid Arthritis or other autoimmune type problem. I called and set a one hour private session appointment with you on 24 January as you were pretty booked up. As I have been a VIP Club member for several months and had used your trauma clearing protocol and allergy clearing protocols I was pretty confident we would have good results. Meanwhile I could barely walk, rise out of a chair, etc. Of course, I was taking pain medication – but at the lowest level I could stand as I didn’t want to ruin my liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc. with the prescription drugs. Life was tough.

While all this was going on I used muscle testing to measure the pain level I was feeling (scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is “requires morphine”) in the major areas of my body that were affected by whatever I had that was causing the pain – doctors still had not made a diagnosis.

Here is a summary of the pain levels I had and the time line of our sessions:

Our first session was on 24 January. I requested that we work primarily on my lower back pain. Here is the pain levels for the seven areas I was experiencing pain: shoulders/upper arms – >8; Adductor muscles, lower back muscles, gluteus maximus, hamstring muscles – all >8; Hip Joint – >8. I felt no real reduction of pain immediately after the healing. However, over the next two days the pain reduced dramatically. On 26 January the levels were as follows: Shoulders/upper arms – >5; Adductor muscles – 1; Lower back muscles – 2; gluteus maximus – 1; hamstring muscles – 1; Hip Joint – 2.

By the time we had our second session on 31 January the pain levels had reduced further. At this session I think we worked mainly on shoulder/upper arm pain. At the beginning of the session the pain levels were as follows: Shoulders/upper arms – 2; adductor muscles – 0.28; lower back muscles – 0.5; gluteus maximus – 0.23; hamstring muscles – 0.5 and Hip Joint – 0.5. No change in pain level noted immediately after session but the next morning the levels had dropped across the board as follows: shoulders/arms – 1.4 (this was still painful); adductor, lower back and gluteus maximus – all 0; Hamstring muscles – 0.1. Interestingly two new pains showed up this morning – on February 1: Left knee joint – 0.8; where the legs join the crotch – 0.6.

The pain levels continued to decrease over the next week. Our next session was on 6 February. The only pain areas remaining were the shoulders/upper arms – 0.5 and left knee joint at 0.1. The next day the shoulder pain had reduced to 0.1 and the left knee joint remained the same at 0.1.

Pain levels stayed level until our final session on 9 February. After that session the pain levels in my shoulder dropped to 0.01 over the next few days (- and stayed this way until the Basic Class clearing exercises) and the knee pain essentially went away for several days and then popped back up on 18 February at the low level of 0.1. This knee pain has since gone away completely.

I also decided about 12 February or so that I should try using the allergy clearing protocol on it as autoimmune diseases are similar to allergies – according to something I read on the Internet, anyway. So I did this – with the allergy/sensitivity being my own muscles. I did it for muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments, tendons, etc. I had a distinct ‘feeling’ that something major happened with this exercise. After this I finally had my appointment with the rheumatologist.

I was diagnosed by the rheumatologist as having the disease “polymyalgia rheumatica” which essentially means “every major muscle group hurts like H***!). This is an autoimmune disease that if you have to have one is the ‘one to have’ as most normally healthy (non-heart disease, diabetes, etc.) people do not die from it and it is treatable with steroids – usually a one year protocol. I started steroids around 20 February as my last SEDS rate was 43 – the test was about two weeks old, though. I had another SEDS rate last week that was 9. My rheumatologist does not understand how it could be well within “normal” after only being on steroids such a short while – he expected the rate to be in the 30’s. I wasn’t surprised at all.

So, that is the story of my experience with [Awakening Dynamics] private sessions and my polymyalgia rheumatica. I am still on the steroids protocol only because my wife insists I follow my rheumatologist’s treatment plan. I am convinced I don’t have the disease at all now. However, the level of my SEDS is low enough (well within normal level) that I am on a pretty low dose, anyway, with a reduction planned as time goes on. Side effects to the Prednisone have been fairly minor.

Steve Rizzo

I would like to provide a testimonial on the results I received from a private session. For the session we focused on a health problem I had. I had recurring problems with excruciating migraines. Needless to say and surprisingly to me, I have been completely migraine free. Legal issues are very stressful and normally I would be incapacitated for days when I received information. However, when I received not so pleasant news I handled the news completely free of any excruciating pain. We will be working on other areas and I look forward to receiving the same positive results in the other areas. The private sessions are not only healing but very educational as well. I would highly recommend the private sessions.

G. Amaya

I wanted to thank you for my first [Awakening Dynamics] session. It was a great experience. I had chronic problems with my for 6-8 months and you worked with me to discover that is was related to my partners passing. We worked the emotional and some grief issues, then you said that you were going to do a physical healing. You told me to lay back and get comfortable. It was odd completely silent, about 2 minutes into it I felt a physical shift in my right side. I steadily improved over the next several days.

John Horn

I would like to provide a testimonial on the results I received from a private session. For the session we focused on a health problem I had. I had recurring problems with excruciating migraines. Needless to say and surprisingly to me, I have been completely migraine free. Legal issues are very stressful and normally I would be incapacitated for days when I received information. However, when I received not so pleasant news I handled the news completely free of any excruciating pain. We will be working on other areas and I look forward to receiving the same positive results in the other areas. The private sessions are not only healing but very educational as well. I would highly recommend the private sessions.

G. Amaya

I would highly recommend working with Brent if you are looking to clear subconscious programs that are blocking you in any area of your life. His work is gentle, subtle with very profound results. He has a vast warehouse of knowledge and experience and a very light way of moving you through to peace and possibility. I have had many big shifts, mostly in my way of being, that then show up in my life. The work is so subtle, sometimes I forget I even had the block to begin with, which as Brent has said, means it has truly cleared and changed.

Michele Laurent

Ever since I began having private sessions with Brent, I have been sleeping very deeply (i.e., lots of REM). This topic has never been addressed nor was I aware, until now, that my sleep was too shallow to be fully restful. I also have very long and vivid dreams on a regular basis. In computer terms, I’m getting my mind is busy ridding itself of kluge during my down time.

Justina BLA

I don’t know if this is too early to let you know whathappened after my [Awakening Dynamics] session with you last Friday (CAtime). We worked on the situation of losing my job and tryingto find an opportunity in the GIS field here in the Philippines.

Just this Monday (Manila time), I was heading to an interview/invitation with a company from an email, when I was approached by a headhunter of another company. I was told that if I just walk in and apply, I would get the result after the exam and a couple of interviews on the same day. I was not really ready for this because I do not know anything about the company. I answered honestly and even though my responses were not what you would usually say to impress a potential employer, my answers were all okay with them. I even was asked why I wanted to apply for the job in their company and my response was ‘I was approached by your headhunter when I was on my way to an interview with another company’ and telling them the truth that I do not have any idea about their company.

By the end of the day, I was given a job offer packaged swith medical, life insurance, retirement benefits and others. Later on I googled the company and found out that it is such a big,international company with headquarters in Ohio – I was really clueless. Although, it was not the kind of job of my specialty,I know that I have to start somewhere. I was just amazed with how the flow of things transpired – I just allowed things to happen and the universe supported me. I remembered what you said during the session that everything is negotiable.

I know that there are far bigger things that in store for me. Thank you very much.


After hearing Brent on the webcast of the Aware Show in April, I bought the special offer of materials, downloaded them and began receiving the belief downloads, belief changes and other info on [Awakening Dynamics]. Several weeks later, I received a decision on a disability claim I had filed a year ago with the V.A. which granted me benefits I didn’t anticipate. This not only allowed me to revamp my financial program but further pursue [Awakening Dynamics]. I have attended four of the programs Brent teaches in LA, had several private sessions with Brent, joined the VIP Club and attended a number of online seminars, etc. I firmly believe in the philosophies that nothing happens by circumstance as well as when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I am very grateful for the opportunity to obtain healings personally as well as helping others.

Bernard C. ScottNorth Las Vegas, NV

Recently I had a [Awakening Dynamics] session with Brent about tiredness and exhaustion. The following my daughter been telling about a health product here trainer put her on, then she sent me one container as a gift, I took the product, and the next day I felt a big improvement in how I feel, it’s been couple of weeks now, and it still working wonder, this has not solver the issue 100% but it is telling me, that my issue have to do with nutrition.

Thanks, Brent.

Moe Allag

I have found [Awakening Dynamics] to be of benefit – both to me personally and for others. Since training with Brent, I consistently see positive results when sharing this process with others.

In the past two years I have been through life-challenging treatment for Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer that damages plasma cells and destroys bone tissue. In working with Brent I experienced reduced pain as well as increased comfort and energy. We also worked on tumor areas, that have gradually reduced in size. I especially appreciate the work on beliefs and emotions that are helping me create a new pattern of health. By the way, the cancer is currently in remission.

Thank you, Brent!

Dawn BeyeLee's Summit, MO

Hi Brent,

To express myself was always a problem for me.

I owe you a testimonial for all your hard work.

When we start the treatments with [Awakening Dynamics] I was in mess, physically and emotionally.

Around 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since I can remember I wasn’t big fan of conventional medicine. So I tried different natural “doctors”. I spend a lot of money on acupuncture, reflexology, touch therapy, you name it. I had no relive from pain and stiff joints. I end up in rheumatologist office and was taking heavy medications. That was not helping as well. Joints in my feet were getting worst and worst, each step was very painful, my wrists and fingers were swollen and painful as well. This doctor sends me to surgeon who performs 3 different surgeries on my feet. I could finally at least walk with less pain (surgeries deform my feet – I can’t wore sandals anymore). That was not enough – my knees and ankles get swollen.

Then I found Brent and Theta. After only first session (I could hardly do the muscles test standing up) swelling of my knees and ankles start disappearing slowly but surly. Then after more sessions pain in my wrists, knees and feet went down (on scale 1-10 from 10 to 3).

I’ve notice that even deformation in my wrists joints start disappearing slowly WOW!

I’m looking forward to “dig” even deeper to clear life long garbage I collect.

Thank you Brent

Jolanta FronczakMississauga,Ontario

“I had a knee problem for years which exploded into sudden, major pain while jogging on a treadmill four years ago. I “nursed it along” until I knew I had to do something. I visited two doctors, both of whom I was annoyed with as their professionalism and interest in my problem seemed irrelevant. When I discovered Brent, I decided to try his method and scheduled four healing appointments. He did the treatment during session #1 and I didn’t think much more about it. When I saw him a few weeks later for session #2, it dawned on me that my knee didn’t hurt. I had forgotten about it! I’m in a state of disbelief and wonder when the pain will come back. But, it hasn’t and it’s been about two months. I’m a believer!”

Bret ParsonsLos Angeles, CA

My name is Stephen. I wanted to share my story with you in hopes that it will give you real insight as to how miracles can happen against all odds. What I am about to share with you is real. It happened to me, and I have lived through it during the past 11 years.

I was trained as an Auditor, I am Management Consultant now. By nature, I am conservative, highly, intuitive, inquisitive and very analytical person. I have had many years’ of education; training and extensive experience. I can get through tones of information very quickly to find out if there is any real substance behind what I am being presented. I need to see results and evidence before I make up my mind.

I was very lucky to hear Brent on a webinar in April 2011. He was presenting [Awakening Dynamics] and his experiences with the technology. Immediately, I was very intrigued. I knew there was something very different and special about him, his message, skills, tools and gifts. I still need more information and personal experience to find out if what he was offering would be of benefit to me and my situation. Boy was I in for a major surprise.

Here is my story. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2000 at age 37. I have always taken excellent care of myself. According to my doctors, I am a perfect patient and should not have diabetes. .I was not over weight; I exercised every day, eat well and did not consume sweets or alcohol.

During the past 11 years, I have tried all major oral medications to control my blood sugar levels while maintaining very healthy diet and exercise regiment. Despite my diligence, none of the medications have been successful.

In 2008, I developed massive hyper sensitivity to all classes of Benzaldehyde chemicals that are commonly used as preservatives and stabilizers in pharmaceutical drugs, perfumes, air and fabric sanitizers and fresheners.

I developed massive hives and rashes all over my body. I had uncontrolled nonstop itching all over my body which developed into massive skin infections. My personal and professional life came to screeching halt. I could not function, concentrate nor work. I was on four different types of antihistamines taking in excess of 20 piles per day that only mildly covered my severe symptoms. Slightest exposure to these chemicals would set my system into Anaphylaxis Shock. I had to ware special mask every where I went and carry with me host of additional medication and EpiPen.

I was very fortunate to have access to world class medical care at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston and the best doctors in the country. It took numerous visits (to team of Dermatologist, Immunologist, Allergist, Internist, Occupational Medicine, Endocrinologist and Psychologist) and battery of test for them to figure out what was happening to me. It took me two years to detoxify and heal my immune system..

During this period, I was also diagnosed with Mastocytosis (an immune disorder). My Type II Diabetes went completely out of complete control. I was unable to control my glucose levels. I had no choose but to start Insulin Therapy immediately. The Insulin which was supposed to help me control and manage my glucose levels set my immune system on fire again. All my symptoms came back with a vengeance.

The Insulin had preservatives and stabilizers that my immune system could not tolerate. I had no choice but to stop Insulin Therapy immediately. I was unable to control my glucose levels despite maintaining strict exercise, diet and oral medication for Diabetes from January 2008 to May of 2011.

I was introduced to Brent Phillips and Thea Healing in April 2011. I immediately joined his VIP Club and started downloading all the available programs. I diligently went through all the sessions and read all the books and material he provided. In late May, I went through Allergy Clearing Program concentrating on Insulin and Benzaldehyde chemicals to which I have allergies.

I had my first session with Brent on May 26, 2011. Later on, I had a visit with my Endocrinologist on the same day. I requested that he prescribe a different type of Insulin. On May 30, 2011, I started my new Insulin Therapy. Intuitively, I knew after my first session with Brent, I would not have any major reaction to the new medication and I was proven right. My glucose fasting reading prior to start of the new Insulin Therapy was 290 on May 30, 2011. After being on the new Insulin Therapy for a week, my fasting glucose reading was 176 after seven days. The ideal glucose level should be less then 120.

During period of one week, I have had two remarkable achievements. I would call it a MIRICAL. First, I have not had any major reaction to new Insulin Therapy, and second, I have been able to drastically reduce my glucose level. I know I will reach my target of having 120 fasting glucose levels in short time.

I know now with full certainty despite access to world class medicine and evidence based medicine I would not have achieve this result without Brent’s help and [Awakening Dynamics] Technology.

Now, I don’t have to deal with premature death and all the major complication that are caused by uncontrolled Diabetes.

S. Stephen BabroudiBelmont, MA

I contributed to the Aware Show on KPFK and got the MP3 Download “Unleash Your Inner Millionaire” Within 1 week of doing this program, I got a raise for the 1st time in 3 years! I know that more is to come:

This MP3 Download also contained an Allergy Program, a Trauma Program and a Manifestation Program. A Veritable Cornucopia of Spiritual Freedom!

Allergy Program: This is wierd but just bear with me. I am very intuitive. My husband has been suffering with allergies, i.e., sneezing, runny nose, and general misery. I ran out petroleum pollution on the Allergy Program on myself. Right afterwards, I went to tell my husband but he was taking a nap, so I laid down next to him and took a nap too. When he woke up he said, “Wow I feel good, what happened?” I told him what I did and he said, “I think it worked on me! ” Well, he was right. He hasn’t had anymore sneezing or runny nose and eyes for 2 weeks now and neither have I.

Manifestations: Just having this download is so marvelous, it’s like having a Genie in a bottle granting all of your wishes.

TRAUMA PROGRAM: This is simply fantastic.. There have been serious issues that have plagued me my whole life and now I am able to address them. These are so heavy that I don’t know at this time how to communicate them in a very upbeat manner. A safe metaphor would be

Justina B.

As a computer programmer, I’d always considered it normal for me to consume up to 40 ounces of coffee in a given day. After all, isn’t that one of the defining characteristics of a good programmer? I considered caffeine consumption in such high amounts to be the norm for people like me who work with computers for countless hours in a given day.

Coffee became part of who I was, and I couldn’t function without it. On days where I would try to not drink coffee, I would become incapacitated. If I didn’t have coffee, I’d be reduced to lying in bed, nursing a killer migraine, unable to think or see clearly. I didn’t consider it to be such a serious problem, since I figured I’d deal with the times when I couldn’t have coffee by simply sleeping the entire day. I soon came to realize this was unwise: consuming as much coffee and caffeine as I was would cause my heart to race for no reason during the day.

I had done some [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent previously, and decided that it would be a good idea to work on my caffeine addiction. After we had discussed caffeine addiction for a while, we began changing some of my beliefs about caffeine and my reason for being dependent upon it. Once these beliefs had been cleared, I was ready to receive a healing. Brent told me that I may have a slight headache for the first day or two, but it wouldn’t be anything major. He also told me that staying off caffeine would be a decision I would need to make for the future.

The next day when I woke up, I didn’t have any coffee. In fact, I went two days straight without any coffee, and had only a mild headache on the second day. Since then, I made the conscious decision to drink some coffee, but nowhere near the amounts that I used to consume. Since my session with Brent, I have at most 1 cup of coffee a day; an amount that could be considered normal by any standards. I am also positive that if I want to, I could easily go without coffee, with at most a minor headache; something I know I couldn’t have done before theta.

Michael AcobasNew York, New York

I’d been admitted to hospital with an emergency infection, and as the staff worked the case, I was having to endure multiple IVs inserted every day because they blew out often. As a result, I ended up with severe bruising and swelling of the backs of both hands and my wrists. After my discharge, these effects remained for over two weeks, causing me a lot of pain and problems with my job as a systems administrator, involving a lot of keyboard work.

I’d heard about [Awakening Dynamics] from a colleague on a project, and decided to investigate if it would help with the other efforts I was taking to try to reduce the problem. After arranging a phone call with him, Brent was able to adjust his healing to my status, and talked me through the entire process, with the goal of reducing the swelling and bruising. After a day or so, there was a noticeable reduction in the level of swelling, and after a week the swelling was gone, and the bruising was following suit. After two weeks, all that remained were issues that had not been part of the goal of Brent’s session. Brent’s approach to the entire situation was confident and competent, and his willingness to explain each step of the process was very helpful. I’m firmly confident that my session with him was of real benefit in my healing process.

Kathi SprayRIverdale, Maryland

My name is Kevin Clark and I’m a 19 year old computer programmer. In May 2004, I had my first experiences with repetitive stress injuries. My arms began to hurt constantly, whether I was typing or not, and I was required to stop work. The pain was so intense, that at one point, I accidentally overdosed on Ibuprofen, taking 2800mg in a 36 hour period. I had met Brent through work, and he offered to help. After a single session, I felt substantially better. My arms were more relaxed and I was able to sleep without discomfort. Since then, Brent has also helped me heal from the flu and other various ilnesses. I’ve always been a skeptic, but I have consistantly felt better after [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent and feel confident that [Awakening Dynamics] has substantially helped me.

Kevin ClarkSan Diego, California

My name is Victoria and I have been seeking answers to my spirituality and emotional self for more than twenty years now. I have traveled to other parts of the world learning other languages and cultures and have immersed myself in many books on the subject. I have also studied all kinds of modalities such as astrology, numerology, tarot, aura and chakra readings, channeling, meditation, etc.

In twenty years, I have not experienced anything that works faster and more complete than [Awakening Dynamics]. It takes the guesswork out of healing! It catapults you ahead to where you feel you are finally ‘caught up’ to where you want to be. You no longer need to struggle. The steps to enlightenment become joyful instead of tedious.

There isn’t any area that [Awakening Dynamics] did not help me. Relationships are smoother, work and finances are more fun, my outlook on life is shinier. I no longer feel handicapped by my own self-doubt and fears. I have always been an optimistic person and have relied a lot on faith to pull me through. After a few sessions with a [Awakening Dynamics] practioner (Brent), I know things will be well and am confident everything happens in divine order.

Victoria ChartersReno, Nevada

I first heard about [Awakening Dynamics] through Brent about nine months ago, when he offered to help me out with the flu, but my most recent use for his service came a little over a month ago.

I’d been ill for a couple of days with what seemed like flu at first. t made me very tired and didn’t feel like eating or drinking much.I’m guessing that because of lack of fluids I became a little dehydrated nd in turn developed a urinary tract infection. This is quite uncommonin men but I had the symptoms. The usual treatment wold be antibiotics, but I don’t like taking them unless it’s really necessary, so I decidedI’d give it a week before going to see the doctor, in case it cleared up on it’s own.

When I mentioned to Brent that I was ill he asked if I’d like to try some [Awakening Dynamics] for it, and, after discussing my problem over the phone he recommended we start with some muscle testings. This was the first time I’d been tested and I found it interesting that questions I consciously thought would test negative actually came out positive. Within half an hour of the session ending I’d noticed that my fever had broken, though for about two hours some of the other symptoms became more intense, which worried me enough to go see my doctor the following morning.

After discussing the symptoms with the doctor and eliminating things uch as kidney stones and sexually transmitted infections, he put itdown a UTI, as I’d suspected. I was given me a quick test for this and e seemed surprised and puzzled when the test was negative but he sentthe sample to the lab for a more accurate test. I returned to the doctors a few days later for the results, although I was already feelingmuch better by this point. Again the results were negative, and within couple more days I was back to normal.

Lee HearneLeicester, England

I have had asthma for as long as I can remember. As a child I can remember being hospitalized many many times for this disease, and going in to the doctor countless others. For years I carried around inhalers just in case I had an attack. It seemed like something I would just have to live with, and that would probably be with me for the rest of my life. I knew this because it ran in the family: my uncle has had chronic asthma since he was young, and my brother had it as well. There is no heal for this disease.

Asthma became a part of my life, and I always just knew that I could not run long distances, participate in heavily aerobic sports, or if I did not for long periods of time. By avoiding these activities I basically got rid of the need to carry inhalers everywhere I went, and I just sort of let it control my actions rather than focusing on the problem. I am now 23 years old and in recent years I have tried to become more active, I’ve moved to a new area and come in contact with new allergens. All of these things contributed to flaring up my asthma once again. During extreme weather changes, I am prone to getting very sick, and this generally triggers the asthma which makes both worse. It has had me in the emergency room twice, from apparent contact to a small animal pet bedding that is very dusty. I got two new inhalers, one I kept in the car, the other with me. This is all that modern technology can do for me: suppress the symptoms once they start.

When I heard of [Awakening Dynamics], I wasn’t too sure about it. Didn’t really seem right for me, I didn’t think that I had anything that [Awakening Dynamics] could help me with. I knew of Brent’s story, and of some coworkers experiences with it, who were pretty amazed at the whole process. So after a phone meeting with Brent, I decided to ask him about it, and ask if there was anything he could do with my asthma. After about a 45 minute to an hour session -on the phone-, where he asked me a variety of questions about myself and asthma, I really didn’t know what to think. I was relaxed, and I felt like I accomplished something, even though physically nothing was different, that I could tell.

He told me he thought I would see some immediate improvement, though he warned me “I wouldn’t go out and run laps or anything.” Half an hour or so later I really did feel good, so I decided to test it. I hopped on my bike and took a 2 mile ride, controlled my breathing throughout, and I had no symptoms of asthma at all. This seems silly to anyone without asthma, but even in my case, I would have been wheezing by the end of the first mile. The next day, I tried again, this time I went further, a little over 3 miles! No symptoms, nothing; I imagine that that’s how anyone else might feel after an aerobic activity, just a little heavier and quicker breathing.

What’s more amazing about this is that I have come into contact with the pet bedding that gave me the most severe reaction. I didn’t want to push it, so I kept the contact minimal, and I haven’t had a reaction at all. I have had contact with it a few more times with the same results, none! I will be testingthis again with direct physical contact and I am sure that there will be no reaction. If there isn’t, I will be able to say with certainty that I am 100% healed of asthma.

Eric BreenRochester, Minnesota

The day after the Wealth Club meeting for clearing poverty issues, I had over $1,000 come to me through three different avenues!

Heather B. Venice, California

After doing weekly [Awakening Dynamics] sessions with Brent Phillips for the past two months, I have found him to be a gifted healer. Brent is very good at getting beneath the surface issues to the deep underlying core issues and aligning with Source’s understanding of the way things are. In my case, I found this work to be subtle and yet powerful.

One definite positive result of our work together showed up when I went to visit my brother and his wife. My brother and I see things very differently, not to mention our latent sibling rivalry. Usually when we visit each other we get into all kinds of unsettling arguments. I found that our whole weekend together went peacefully and the need to be confrontational just wasn’t there.

Another shift that I have noticed is that my communication with my wife is more open and clear. We just seem to get along better.

I recommend doing [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent Phillips. I think that if you are really ready to make some major shifts in your way of life, he is someone who can facilitate that process with you.

Samuel KivaszCulver City, CA

When my life began spinning out of control about a year ago, I made the mistake of seeking escape in drugs. I quickly became addicted to cocaine, and within a few months I was too strung out to work and I had burned through my life savings (tens of thousands of dollars.) Trouble with the law and numerous trips to expensive rehab clinics were unsuccessful in treating my drug addiction. I had tried various forms of therapy and was going to 12 step meetings daily, and I just couldn’t stop using. But after three [Awakening Dynamics] sessions with Brent, I’m clean and I’ve lost my desire to use, with no withdrawl symptoms. It has also helped me tremendously with my fear, anxiety and stress that drove me to start using cocaine in the first place.

Ben S. Los Angeles, CA

My first session with Brent uncovered my desire, no my need for chocolate. I loved chocolate. I didn’t really want to give up chocolate either, but I didn’t want to continue with the constant cravings. Why couldn’t I enjoy chocolate as a choice instead of an addiction? During our session it became very clear that my need was based on a belief I didn’t know I had. After the session ended I felt lighter, yes, but wasn’t sure how anything would change. I tested myself immediately. I finished off a bag of Hershey Hugs. As the days went by, I noticed it was easier to say no to myself when in a store or when offered some chocolate at work. Ok I’ve been able to do this before, but would it stick? The real test was at a Christmas party. Lots of goodies on the table and a good portion were made of chocolate. I had to try the fudge because it was my normal M.O. I discovered I didn’t have to have more than the one little square I ate. WOW! BIG WOW! I told some friends at work about it and they are all watching me in amazement. I was known for always saying YES to chocolate. Last night at our Holiday dinner at work I chose lemon cake over the very moist looking chocolate cake. It is so amazing! It has nothing to do with willpower anymore. Willpower usually only lasted a couple of weeks with me and the feeling of depriving myself was always there. I no longer feel that way. Chocolate has truly become a choice. [Awakening Dynamics] is truly wonderful. I have had 2 more session with Brent and I have released other (unknown) beliefs that were holding me back from doing the things I truly want to do. Now I’m thinking, ‘I must learn how to do this for myself and possibly help others with their own healings’.

Trician OorFullerton, CA

On the assumption that you might appreciate feedback on the healing you facilitate, I want to share with you an experience I had in my yoga practice this morning. My yoga instructor was talking about thepsoas muscle and how it is related to the health of the L-3 and L-4. I said, automatically, that these were at issue in my low back pain episodes. But the second the words were out of my mouth, I knew that this was no longer true. My back is healed and the L-3 and L-4 are not a problem for me anymore. This “knowing” was quite clear. And I proceded to do backbending postures that I have been unable to do for years. Remarkable!

On the whole I feel lighter, clearer, healthier and more optimistic. What a gift. You can’t put a price on this. Namaste.

Lisa SiegelLos Angeles, California

I had excessive pain in my neck from 2 herniated disks. My Fiancé came home and said she set this thing up with a healer, and asked if I’d do it. I said I would even though I really didn’t believe in it. Well I talked with Brent and couldn’t believe the improvement in my neck, the pain lessened to such an extent that I felt like myself again for the first time since my injury. If your like me and the pains are always there, it’s worth anything to have it released. Brent’s the man for the job! Take it from a former non-believer who now believes. He’s amazing!!!

Scott VanDorenWaterloo, New York

After the first session with Brent and the [Awakening Dynamics] technique, I felt the cloud of depression was lifted! While I was affirming the changes I wanted, Brentt seemed to be making new grooves for me at the cellular level. This left me feeling lighter, more confident in myself and more capable of dealing with the scary thoughts I had been having. It’s a great start!

Katherine DoplerBakersfield, California

[Awakening Dynamics] has removed decades of emotional trauma I had towards learning and my parents. I am at peace now with my memories, and studying is enjoyable now.

Elaine MorenoMontebello, California

Brent, you’ve healed so many issues on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to start … so I’ll begin with THANK YOU!!!

I feel finally free from the last vestiges of unforgiveness and trauma around situations I’ve worked for years to heal … being born to a hostile mother; sexual abuse and betrayal; an abortion I still felt guilty about … and much more. I’m now able to look back on those events with feelings of pure, unalloyed gratitude for the role they’ve played in my life. It’s so clear I wouldn’t be in the wonderful position I am now if it weren’t for the events unfolding exactly as they did.

We also worked around the feeling of “the healer eats first” that I’ve been unconsciously carrying around (along with many extra pounds) for some time. Since our session, I’ve hardly touched sugar and carbohydrates. My commitment to exercise has increased and I look and feel so much better than I did just a few short weeks ago.

Finally, the healing has somehow added more color and expressiveness to my voice … and since I’m in broadcasting, that’s a huge bonus. Thank you, Brent, for being who you are and doing what you do!

Warm regards

Moira ShepardVenice, California

We worked on my cold allergy. Intuitively, I had the feeling that I once (in a past life) died in the cold. I saw myself/this person alone out in the snow with no human around for miles freezing to death. Like in past life therapy, I told myself that there is no need to hold on to this and this is not relevant to this life and to release it. I did the ice cube test on my arm and it did not break out in hives. I wanted to take anti-histamine pills on the trip just in case, since it was cold and there was snow, but I totally forgot them. And during the entire time, even spending time in snow and ice cold winds I did not react even a bit to the cold. This was so great. I am really amazed how just these few minutes of reprogramming has worked so well. The skin in my face has also improved a lot and just today I found out that my latest [HIV] lab results have improved greatly. I never doubted [Awakening Dynamics], yet I’m still amazed at the results. Thank you so much, you and [Awakening Dynamics] are a great blessing!!!

(name withheld)Los Angeles, California

A million thanks…you are the greatest healer! Put another notch in wherever you put them, I’ve been healed. I don’t even know what to say to you except THANK YOU, BROTHER!!! FROM THE DEEPEST DEPTHS OF MY HEART AND SOUL. The words that keep coming to mind are I’m finally for the first time in nearly 40 years, happy and joyous and finally free. When I got home last

Thursday night, I couldn’t even speak. I felt different and my subconscious knew I had experienced a miracle. I was very emotional inside. The next day, I woke up feeling so much better and different than I’ve ever been allowed to feel. I am now calm and so very peaceful inside. No anger is inside, at all. I am totally in control of myself and my feelings and emotions. I feel like I am finally sovereign and exercising my free will at last. You are a wonderful person, for the relief you’ve restored in me. I feel like I’ve been pardoned and released from anger altogether. I never could figure out why I was so angry, until we met. I am so very glad that I listened to that subtle voice inside my head, that told me to seek you out. Spirit works in mysterious and wonderful ways.There is so much I need to say to you, it won’t all fit in this e-mail. I did want to give you an update and let you know I am wonderful and looking forward to the rest of my life. Miracles really do happen, [Awakening Dynamics] is real, real powerful. I am extremely impressed by it all. I had to watch “What The Bleep Do We Really Know?” again last night to try and figure [Awakening Dynamics] out. It really helped to watch it again after this experience. What else can I say, but you’re the greatest.

Anthony CWest Hills, California

My name is George, and I got a concussion in a high speed car accident 5 month ago. I was slowly getting better, but then I started having migraines and they lasted three weeks in a row. I was so frustrated that I was getting worse and had to deal with all that suffering. My therapist and life coach suggested that I went to a conference by Brent. Usually I don’t go to those “new age” things, but then I found out that Brent was an engineer before becoming a healer. Being an engineer myself I thought that could be interesting.

ImageAt the conference, when he was picking a name at random to do a live demonstration, I was like “me, me, me, it has to be me, I want to get rid of this past life thing that has been bothering me so much.” I was selected for the demonstration, and in minutes he found out that the pain from the accident and the awfull past life thing were all related. He did his healing. Before that, I was alleviating the pain from the migraines by reducing the blood pressure going to my brain, sometimes to the point of numbness, and by avoiding strong emotions.

Right after the healing my emotions were high, very high, and the blood pressure going to the brain was high too because of the excitement, and I had no migraine whatsoever, they were totally gone and never came back. In the following days I tested my limits by doing some physical exercise (couldn’t do anything since the accident) and some yoga postures where I could briefly have my head down (like the downward facing dog) I found out there is no portion of my brain to feel sore, the damage from the accident is cured, and it happened in seconds.

Today I had another healing session with Brent to work on my eyesight. Since the accident, trying to focus my vision would quickly give me a headache, specially while using a computer, so I was using reading glasses for all those tasks. The amazing thing right now is that I just wrote this testimonial looking at the screen with my bare eyes, and I feel fine

George MiguezSanta Monica, California

This is very important to let everyone know, I had been working with at least two other [Awakening Dynamics] Healers before reading about Brent, I had minimal success with [Awakening Dynamics] it helped but it never lasted, until I started working with Brent, his system and methodology was impeccable, I had major disruptions in my life, child hood orphanage, sexual abuse at a young age, physical abuse and never did well in school, as well as anger issues, the break throughs that have been made in my life is not exactly describable, but here goes. I was NOT speaking to my mom nor sister for at least 6 mos, major discord and anger and dysfunction in my family.

I started working with Brent, since then shifts have happened, major shifts, since Brent, I have been home to see mom ( she has not stopped calling or emailing me since) she cooked me dinner, and expressed being my friend, and I have been able to let go of anger and hurt and blame, NO one has been able to help me this way. I have done energy healings, that have left me sitting in my stuff, pain, anger, dissapointment, waisted money, but working with Brent I have seen immediate results and have been happier in my over all life, I still have a ways to go but I am doing more better than I have in 35 years, I still have issues, but the nice thing is I dont stay there, whatever Brent did, mind you I was emotionally burning. I am able to shift and move beyond.

I dont stay angry or moody, I forgive ma, and me and my sister are a work in progress. I love Brent, he is my friend, therapist, daddy (allows me to be safe and vulnerable, a compliment) and he breaks it down for me in a way that I can understand, He explains things to me. I’ts incredible because opportunities for further healing and evaluation of my life have become more available to me, since working with Brent. When I tell you that Malice, resentment, emotional pain and discord ruled my life, it did. Since working with Brent this has all shifted.

He allows me to cry if needed, and he gets to the core of the issue on several levels. He heals levels, most people cant and wont do that, that is the beautiful thing. I feel more peace and love and calm for life, that is so important to me.

I am now going to send my son to work with him, when time permits. I have say that [Awakening Dynamics] with BRENT is the way to go, my over all quality of life is improving as a result of working with Brent.

All I want to say is THANK YOU BRENT, I know my healing would have taken at least another two years were I not guided to you.

Kimberly BowlesGermantown, Maryland

I am a retired teacher, and now mostly work as a furniture maker, something I have done for over 30 years. For the past year, nothing has sold, despite many positive comments. I became aware that I had a very negative attitude, and really became quite depressed, feeling that various marketing possibilities that friends have suggested would be futile.

I had a [Awakening Dynamics] wave session with Brent on June 22, where we dealt with various other issues, and where to get a manifestation that my furniture would start selling. I left with a very positive attitude…that afternoon, I had a call from a store which had one of my desks. A couple wanted to buy it for the full price of $2600. The are eager to see my other work. I was flabbergasted — it had been sitting there for over seven months!

I write this because manifestation sounds like almost witchcraft — in my case I feel as though I had to make a quantum change in attitude to bring about a long overdue event. The universe very obligingly bent the rules that made me keep my part of the bargain.

[Awakening Dynamics] is an incredibly powerful as a tool for changing attitudes and beliefs — this is the real miracle. The change in reality that results seems the most amazing part and, seen out of context, would appear to give the technique a voodoo quality. Maybe this is just because we are not used to making major shifts in the way we think, and so have no experience of how [changing our beliefs with Theta] changes event, life paths, or health..

Paul LilliotTorrance, California

On April 22 I suffered a very serious and debilitating back injury. I was walking my dog and suddenly a pit bull attacked – in disengaging my dog and trying to fend off the other dog, I felt back very hard against the hearts out of a fire hydrant, which hit me just to the left of my spine. I was completely unable to walk it and had to be driven home. I was unable to walk for three days and only forced myself to my feet despite considerable pain because I’m aware of how easy it is to lose to strength in one’s legs. By the end of May, I was still unable to bend down for work in the garden, and was in considerable discomfort. Basically I was unable to work for at least seven weeks.

I had an appointment for [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent at the end of May. This was my first session, and I was flabbergasted at the power of the energy, and also impact the ability of this technique actually change beliefs — and to clarify what limiting beliefs one is holding. We worked on various issues, which I realize had been excessively tense about, and also on my attitude money (support/lower back). Brent did a healing on my back.

It is now the end of June, and I have been completely free of pain and any restriction in my movement for probably 2 1/2 weeks — the irony is that I did not realize the package deal for a few days! I’m able to lift without any discomfort and to bend down.

This was a very serious injury — I am 57 years old and I was very seriously worried that it would never heal, and can only say that I feel very blessed to have recovered. For anyone who has reached a stage where they are aware that we create experiences (so-called negative) through conflicting beliefs, or beliefs that force us to be too hard on ourselves, [Awakening Dynamics] is probably one of the most powerful ways of bringing about change quickly. Without a great deal of knowledge about it, it would seem to open a direct path to our status as co-creators of the universe.

Brent has the ex-programmer’s magical touch when it comes to figuring out how to remove the belief system bugs that lie behind injuries, illnesses and lives that are not working for best potential. He is also a very spiritual person, and has a vast human wisdom for his years and prior computer background.

Paul LilliotTorrance, California

I went to a Quantum QXCI/SCIO practitioner because I wanted to know whether or not a cracked tooth was causing a larger problem throughout my body. The answer for that question was a negative, but I was shocked with the result that liver cancer was showing up as a ‘red alert.’ Then I remembered that for two to three months I had been experiencing dull pains, sometimes escalating to sharp pains, in my right side and thinking this was a strange place to hurt for indigestion or an ulcer. My immediate thought was to make an appointment with Brent. We did our session via the phone on a Sunday morning. In the meantime, I had put in a call to the Quantum practitioner to find out the actual score on the cancer. He returned the call that same Sunday evening and was puzzled because he told me no liver cancer was showing. Test results from the allopathic doctor also showed no liver problems at all. As further proof, all pains have disappeared. I had received an instantaneous, miracle healing from Brent!

However, since the original practitioner was not a doctor, I decided to go to a doctor and a nationwide trainer for the QXCI/SCIO just to see if there was anything else going on in my body. He confirmed that I did not have liver cancer, but this time I was told that I was carrying a breast cancer miasm (or genetic propensity) in my energy field. This made sense since my grandmother had died of breast cancer. This second time Brent worked on me for breast cancer and cancer generally. When I returned for a check-up, the computer programs indicated that I am completely clear of all cancer and cancer miasms. What a small price and such a short time (less than one session each) for the priceless gift of eliminating potential life threatening diseases in my energy field. As a friend said to me, there was never any doubt in your mind that you would eliminate these instantaneously with [Awakening Dynamics]. Brent is a brilliant [Awakening Dynamics] practitioner and instructor.

Naomi MoyFullerton, California

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for healing my dog and cat allergies with [Awakening Dynamics]. It’s amazing how quickly [Awakening Dynamics] helped me to really be close to both my doggies without suffering any reaction. Just last week, while driving with my dogs, I kept sneezing repeadily (dangerous situation). But, after my session with you, not only was I able to hold your kitty, but driving with my dogs is no longer causing any problems! I’m just so happy that [Awakening Dynamics] worked so well and so fast. Thank you again.

Lorrie EdmonsonLos Angeles, California

I have been a smoker for almost 15 years…I was up to about 2.5 packs a day…I have not had a smoke since my session…I did not even have the associated headaches I usually got when I tried to go cold turkey.

I as a business person, am usually skeptical at anything I have either never heard of, or is too good to be true. Such was my experience with [Awakening Dynamics]. I have been a smoker for almost 15 years it started innocently enough you know the usual he smokes so should I to be cool kinda thing. Well eventually I was dependent on them in fact I was up to about 2 and ½ packs a day so I hear about this fella who did this healing thing, I was like whatever, so being curious I decided to chat to this Brent fella and see just what this was about.

Can I say WOWZERs? I mean I went into my session set in stone that it was fake a hoax not possible all those thoughts but I will be damned I have not had a smoke since my session, and I find myself drinking more water now, I did not even have the associated headaches I usually got when I tried to go cold turkey.

I, stand a smoke free and truly impressed man, who owes his life to Brent – I mean I was sick, addicted to things I knew were killing me yet I still smoked them, thankfully Brent and [Awakening Dynamics] saved me from the destructive path I was on and set me straight.

Thanks for the Help!

Angelo StevensMedford, Massachusetts

After struggling with a deeply disturbing issue in my life for over three years, I went to one [Awakening Dynamics] session with Brent, within about 3 days, I found myself having the immense courage and self love to speak my truth…I have released a tremendous burden from my hert. I feel a deep sense of self worth and confidence like never before. I am so grateful for this huge shift in my consciousness!

Jean CurrivanNorth Hollywood, California

I had experienced a profound and permanent shift in dealing with a long-term emotional issue during a session with Brent nearly a year ago. The issue was instantly and completely cured and I have never had a recurrence of the doubt I had experienced in pursuing my passion. Even when I think of the issue to see what comes up, it’s as if the programming for all of the negative thinking had been erased. That has been a huge blessing, to say the least.

A few months ago I had also referred a client to Brent to see if he could do a session for her senior dog. Her Chihuahua was scheduled for tumor removal surgery in a couple of days. I suggested she contact Brent to see if a session could be helpful. Although the dog did have surgery, the surgeon was amazed at how easily the surgery went. The tumors were much smaller and fewer in numbers than he had originally estimated. The dog recovered very quickly and has had no recurrence of tumors.

Now, I too had an animal dilemma and after talking to many vets remembered about my session with Brent and my client’s session for her dog. A 5 month old kitten with a broken humerus, the bone between the shoulder and elbow, was dumped at the door of the vet clinic where I take my pets. I have helped them find homes for the little refugees that are left there by well meaning souls, no doubt. There was no way I could adopt out a cat with a broken arm, nor did I or anyone else have the funds for surgery, which was estimated around $2,000-3,000.

The kitten’s arm was completely broken at a very sharp angle, around 15-20 degrees. The extreme sharpness at the ends of bones were causing a great deal of damage and irritation to the surrounding tissue. Brent agreed to do a session, using me as the kitty’s proxy. The session went very smoothly, albeit a bit awkward to some extent, in being a proxy for the kitty. Through the initial stages of the session, I felt a tremendous sense of connection to the kitten. After Brent completed the initial portion of the session, he asked me to relax while he worked on kitty. I sat down and relaxed, but immediately felt a part of the stream of activity of Brent ‘working’ on the kitty. I could see and feel a shift occurring with the kitten’s broken bones in my mind’s eye. The bones were originally jetting outward, out of alignment and separated by the break. I actually felt them shifting into alignment. This was clear and profound. The kitten seemed to be in deep meditation and received the healing very nicely.The next day, an x-ray was taken of the arm and there was definitely a shift of the bones towards alignment. This was exhilarating to see. There was a much better chance that healing without surgery was possible.

Brent did another session with his group within the next couple of days. I still scheduled the surgery for kitty because I felt that the session may have made it easier for the surgeon to work on the bones. The plan was to pin the bones initially and then remove the pin after things fused. On our trip to the surgeon, his technician announced that they had good news…no surgery was needed!!! On the surgeon’s examination, it was clear that the bones had stabilized and were starting to fuse. He felt that since kitty was also trying to walk on the arm, the surgery would not be needed and would impose more risk to the nerve and bones as he would have to attempt to re-break them if that was needed to complete the alignment. He said that the arm has already started to calcify and any gap would fill in after a couple of weeks. Oddly, kitty upon our return home, seemed a little depressed about not getting the quick fix I was prepping him for, but as soon as we arrived home to his little healing chamber, the bathroom, where he was to remain as calm as possible for the next couple of weeks, he got right down to the business of working on himself.

Initially, he could not put any weight on the arm. Although he tried to walk on it very gingerly, he had a profound limp. I’m very happy to say that in just four weeks, kitty is racing around and playing like nothing ever happened to his arm. There is no question that Brent was very instrumental in helping to move kitty’s bones into place to where things could heal up very nicely.

Thank you Brent for your profound healing work!!

Alyx MacKenzieLos Angeles, California

Max, my cat was not his usual extremely buttery sweet self, in fact his fur had lost all of it’s healthy fluffiness and instead looked oily and separated in a most unhealthy way. I finally called Brent in an extremely upset state when, max ( who has been FIV positive for a few years) bit at me and a friend and proceeded to pant and hang his mouth open in an uncontrollable way, I thought he was dying. Immediately after the session with Brent max began to look better, his usual relaxed temperament returned and his fur returned once again to it’s fluffy self. I’m blessed to be able to say 6 months have passed and max is still beautiful and healthy thanks to Brent and Theta.

Niki GianniniLos Angeles, California

My cat Lizzie had injured her back in a poorly executed jump a few years ago. It improved over the last year with visits to an animal chiropractor but she still showed signs of being stiff and uncomfortable. With just one healing session with Brent she showed great improvement! At a visit for an adjustment 3 days later, the chiropractor commented on how much better her back was. Lizzie has returned to her playful (and mischievous) self again.

Thank you Brent for helping my sweet kitty feel better.

Karen WeckerFountain Valley, California

Brent, I can not express my gratitude and appreciation to you enough. My father had been extremely ill with emphysema, and has been bed-ridden and unable to walk. After your session with my Dad he “jumped” out of bed and expressed his desire to get out of the house for awhile. Well jumping out of bed is amazing in itself but he wanted to leave the house too! WOW! Today my Mom felt comfortable enough to go shopping with me and leave my Dad for a couple of hours. Poor Mom has not been out in weeks. She is too afraid of leaving my Dad. He needs her for everything. Well, when we got back he was laying in bed. When we asked how things were going he giggled. MY DAD GIGGLED. I cant remember the last time the man laughed! He explained that he was just savoring each moment now that he has remembered how to breathe and was remembering how good it felt to feel good. He showed me how he is practicing his muscle testing and doing his homework. He is so happy. I don’t remember the last time I saw my Dad happy.

He let us know that he was ready to get up which generally means 20 min of getting to the side of the bed going to the bathroom in a urinal than calling for Mom to dress him and wheel him to the sitting room. I was overwhelmed and moved to tears, within 5 min my Dad was walking..WALKING without any assistance, fully dressed by himself and announced he wanted to go Christmas shopping. He even got his own cup of coffee! My dad doesn’t even like Christmas and has never, that I can remember gone Christmas shopping! Prior to the session with you he was on oxygen 24/7 and breathing treatments every 2 hours. Since the session he has not used his oxygen at all and has had 1/4 of a treatment yesterday with nothing today. Brent I am so grateful to you. All these things may sound silly to you to be so excited about but, to us its a miracle. Thank you with all the love that I have.

Sherri Yeski San Jose, California

My 5 1/2 month old daughter had been having trouble sleeping lately, waking up often during the night, clinging to me and easily awakened, and having a very difficult time going to sleep every night–sometimes taking 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours to get her to sleep. Lately she had been waking up at 4 or 5 in the morning and had difficulty going back to sleep, being very active for an hour or two. This became very tiring for me! After a quick healing from Brent that literally took 5 minutes, she had the best night’s sleep in her life! It took about 20 minutes to get her to sleep, and she awoke only twice during the night, and went right back to sleep after nursing. A blessing for me because I needed my sleep because I’d been sick.

A Raham Los Angeles, California

I just drove home to Palm Springs after a [Awakening Dynamics] session, my first one. I was symptomatic of severe anxiety/depression and was showing physical signs of wear. I had lost weight due to no appetite. And then not to mention that subjectively I had lost my passion and feeling of joyous living. I felt disconnected from my higher self. I already know that something very powerful happened today as a direct result of [Awakening Dynamics]. The first thing I noticed was how calm I felt afterwards. I got in my car to drive home and immediately was in L.A.’s famous traffic. So here was my first test. I stayed calm but focussed the entire four and half hour trip! If you knew me, you would know how amazing this is! Trust me, this is major. The second thing is: I pulled over half way home because I was getting hungry. For the first time in two months I was craving something heavy and I practically inhaled a blue cheese burger with a rich sauce and onion rings on it! My body chemistry had changed drastically and I had my full appetite back! I so enjoyed that! The third thing, and in my mind the thing that sealed the deal for me was that I regained the ability to soar to great heights when I hear a song that I dig in my car. I think most people do that. Well, I had lost that ability for a while, and had noticed it. And now, just about every song I heard sounded really good, but when I heard about three really good ones, I knew that the universe was once again delivering to me what I wanted and that I was back! I could feel it! There is no mistaking it – I have been given my life back! Brent, I’ll never forget that you are the one did this for me.

Thank you.

Bob Patterson Palm Springs, California

Brent, don’t know where to begin, How about in the present THANK YOU!!!

6 months ago I twisted my ankle. “Experts” told me I tore ligaments & might have to go under the knife — have surgery.(YUK) Aside from the fact that I’d spent copious amounts of money on healing I was terrified. After 1 session with [Awakening Dynamics] I was able to walk without a brace. For anyone who is at the end of the rope & truly want to evoke CHANGE I Recommend Theta.

Brent, I can’t thank you enough, I want to share this info. with everyone I meet. I will be calling you again to work on some other areas of my life that need healing. Thank you again.

Madisonn McBrideLos Angeles, California

I have been a traveler on the spiritual path for the past thirty-five years and have been quite successful at manifesting things, situations, and experiences, but they seemed to come haphazardly and I’d never know when the sought-after what-ever might show up. In spite of my dedicated, systematic effort, chance seemed to maintain its control over my stated intentions. Something always seemed to be missing from my creation process. And then I was introduced to Brent Philips and [Awakening Dynamics]. Less than a week after the two-and-half-day, [Awakening Dynamics] training ended, I manifested a much-needed reliable automobile that with some repairs is now worth about $4,000. Two weeks later, a 1990 Toyota Camry in excellent condition and low mileage was given to my wife. My personal relationship with Connie has changed dramatically for the better. I can already notice a significant improvement in my physical health. My state of being has shifted from fear and self doubt to self-confidence and peace of mind. For the first time ever, I feel like I’m in charge of my life. The [Awakening Dynamics] training has been one of the best things I ever manifested. Thank you Brent. Thank you Vianna. Thank you [Awakening Dynamics].

Robert CoteWinnetka, California

Normally when I attend workshops I load up on chocolate & candy because I need the sugar rush.

After my sessions with you I have not had 1 piece of chocolate, & I made totally healthy choices the entire weekend of the workshop.

[Awakening Dynamics] is amazing !!!!

Madisonn McBrideLos Angeles, California

I was desparate when I called Brent for my first [Awakening Dynamics] appt with him ( I am a [Awakening Dynamics] practitioner, and had been working on myself. Note: the core issues around my brother I was totally unable to begin to address). I had fallen on the ice in early January, and had gotten to a place by early Feb. where pain in my right knee and my lower back could be described as “excruciating”, pain levels I had not experienced since labor with my children.

By the time I called Brent, I was cancelling appts for the rest of the week. I was in too much pain to pretend I could be of service. 24 hours after my first [Awakening Dynamics] session with Brent, I was able to resume my normal work schedule, and the acute pain was at least 50% less. After our second session two weeks later, I enjoyed even greater pain relief. Now, some three weeks after our first session, I still have a bit of weakness in the knee and the lower back is still a bit stiff, yet I feel confident, because day by day there is less pain and more

strength and mobilityI should mention in closing that before calling Brent, I had 5 chiropractic adjustments, as well as deep tissue work on the leg and knee area, all of which had no, absolutely no lasting effect.

Thank you, Brent, for allowing me to get back to enjoying my life!

Karen ZornBoulder, Colorado

1. “My allergic response was so severe, (including outrageous sneezing, burning eyes and congestion), I would have to leave a cat home within minutes…[now I am] among cats without a single symptom!”

2. “I had a backache so severe I could not inhale without extreme pain…the pain was completely gone within 3 hours.”

3. “A strange hand swelling and stiffness occured…after a session with Brent, the symptoms subsided significantly by the next morning.”

I had an extreme cat allergy for over a decade. My allergic response was so severe, (including outrageous sneezing, burning eyes and congestion), I would have to leave a cat home within minutes. After a [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent, I found myself at a friend’s 3-cat home, and had forgotten to take the Claratin in my purse for FOUR HOURS! It wasn’t until I realized I’d forgotten to take the Claritin, that I looked at the clock and realized I’d been there so long among the cats without a single symptom! I was comfortable and clear as a bell. This was a fantastic and wonderful lifestyle altering change for me; since I could only spend time at certain homes and functions medicated. No more!

I had a sudden and very acute backache, so severe I could not inhale without extreme pain. Immediately durriing a session with Brent, the pain was vastly better durring the session, and was completely gone within 3 hours.

A strange hand swelling and stiffness occured after some overwork, and nearly overnight after a session with Brent, the symptoms that had been building for 10 days, subsided significantly by the next morning.

Thanks Brent!

Kay ChristiansenSanta Monica, California

Just two months ago I started learning [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent Phillips, taking his [Awakening Dynamics] beginning, advanced, and digging courses as well as getting private sessions with him. I can honestly say that my life has been utterly transformed as a result! I feel nearly every moment a sense of happiness, contentment, and lightness that I rarely felt before. Almost nothing irritates me anymore, I am able to handle any difficulty with grace and ease, and I feel a confidence in myself and a trust in the universe that I hadn’t even realized had been lacking before. My relationships with my family and friends have vastly improved, and I feel that I am able to be with them in a more present and less judgmental way. My careers in writing, acting, and singing are all taking off effortlessly when before I felt like I was struggling. [Awakening Dynamics] is the most powerful healing modality I’ve ever experienced (and, as a Reiki master, shamanic practitioner, masseuse, etc., I have experienced literally scores of healing techniques). I recommend it to everyone on the planet!

Trisha HowellLos Angeles, California

I have had problems with heart palpitations and a very irregular heartbeat for the past 9 years. In fact my heart had become so irregular that my pulse would frequently be less than 40 beats per minute! (Normal heart rate varies between 60 and 100, and is regular.)

Truthfully, I had become very frightened by this condition. In fact I avoided having it checked by a physician, because I felt I may be forced into open heart surgery, heart catheterization or other invasive procedure. More than anything I felt could not face a future in which I was sure would be disabled and on a regiment of medications.

I did not confess my fear to Brent until my 3rd session, because I feared that nothing would work. I received a healing session for about 1 hour. I felt great! Energized, and full of a powerful feeling of being healthy. I checked my pulse… Wow, not 1, skipped beat..this had not occurred for a long time! I could hardly contain myself. I kept checking and checking and my heart was strong and steady without any missed beats. This lasted for a week. Then later I did experience some skipping, but this was only transient. Now, no matter when I check it my pulse is strong and steady. Thank you Brent, for everything. I cannot even begin to say how much hope you have brought back into my life. You are truly gifted.

Deborah DemeryLos Angeles, California

Before I attended the [Awakening Dynamics] Workshop in May I had been suffering with adenomyosis for three years. Throughout those three years I saw three different doctors; two were very cavalier/nonchalant and kept writing perscriptions and sending me on my way. Finally, I was referred to a third doctor who identified my condition. He recommended surgery December 2006 which was unsuccessful; my symptoms did not subside and the doctor looked and me and said “well, either you deal with the symptoms or we can just take out your uterus for good”. Being that I am childless, a hysterectomy was not an option….but neither was dealing with the symptoms. I sought other alternative therapies and life style changes such as acupuncture, herbs, african womb concotions, aloe vera treatments, progestrone creams, hormone therapy, yoga, boxing, veganism, et al. Even after long periods of consistency my condition seemed to worsen. Needless, to say that after the weekend of [Awakening Dynamics] and learning how to work directly with the Creator my symptoms disappeared and my uterus was diagnosed by the same doctor as “healthy” during a follow up appt I had in June. I was having severe problems the day I went into the workshop and by Sunday my symptoms were gone. This is an amazing practice with instantaneous and lasting results. I highly recommend [Awakening Dynamics] as a way of life.

Jole MortonNorth Hollywood, California

Verrrrrrry interesting…. one Wealth Club Meeting and I immediately got a totally unexpected/unsolicited $3.00/hr. raise at a part-time job and several unsolicited $ freebies of varying degrees for different reasons from my bank, police department, here and there!

But, even MORE noteworthy…. one private [Awakening Dynamics] and I got a windfall of $7,000 for moi, a person who doesn’t gamble, except this one time, when encouraged to put a few dollars into a penny machine while passing through Las Vegas!

What can be more confirming when asking God to “Keep it simple, make it fast and easy?”….. one of my favorite mantras! Who knew how simple it really ALL is? Thank you to Brent Phillips for helping to unlock my subconscious!

Judi KamanishiIrvine, California

I had a severe bone infection in my jaw bone from a previous root canal gone bad and once it had been detected by a dentist I immediately got surgery from a holistic clinic. After the surgery, I was still having major problems and I was getting worse, maybe due to the infection that wasn’t being detected in the gum and bone area. I was facing more surgery and I didn’t want that.

I prayed for a miracle and healing through some sort of energy work. One day I was speaking to a friend and he mentioned [Awakening Dynamics] which sparked an interest in me, I found out more about it and received a healing from Brent a couple of weeks later. Brent worked on me over the phone and cleared up the infection in the bone in 40 minutes. [Awakening Dynamics] really works!

Quintella TurnerLos Angeles, California

For the last 19 years of my life I suffered terribly from bipolar disorder and after many doctors’ visits and many treatments nothing worked.Then one day I saw Brent Phillips’ad in the Learning Annex and I was very amazed to find out that his frozen arm healed instanly just after one session of [Awakening Dynamics] and I decided to give [Awakening Dynamics] a try.

It was the best decision of my life:only after just one session with Brent Phillips my bipolar symptoms are gone and I got a bonus on top of that: I’m now driving the car of my dreams:a $30,000 Lexus! All this within a month!

[Awakening Dynamics] really works if you believe in it!I highly recommend it!”

Tony DavisLos Angeles, California

Brent did some amazing work on my cat. Initially, for over two years my cat has been bothered by something called a rodent ulcer on his lip and a huge sore on his belly that would not go away. After many trips to the vet, it was better but not completely healed and it would get a little better, then get worse. Brent used [Awakening Dynamics] to complete the healing of the sores and the wound in a very short time.

A few months ago, we had a slight earthquake and it startled my cat. He was under the bed and in jumping up, hit a spring from the bed and caused an open wound on the back of his neck. It was very slow to heal and very persistent. Brent quickly and easily talked to my cat and began the healing work–within the week the sore was completely healed. I am so grateful for [Awakening Dynamics] and Brent’s ability to talk to animals.

Sandra FranckChatsworth, California

I experienced a healing of my weakened heart on the first day, Friday, of Brent’s Basic [Awakening Dynamics] Training last September [2007]. I got home to see if it was healed and walked my dog for hours! Before that I couldn’t go a block without getting out of breath.

Then, on that Sunday after the Basic class, I went to the beach to see if my knees were healed. I ran 4 miles without an issue. I haven’t run 4 miles in many, many years. It was amazing!

When I finished running my big toe was throbbing, so I did [Awakening Dynamics] on it and the pain subsided immediately and it could bend easier.

[Awakening Dynamics] is so easy cause I step out of the way and let Creator do the healing.

Thank you, Brent, for your dedication to your training of [Awakening Dynamics]!

Brendan O'sheaWoodland Hills, California

I’ve been receiving [Awakening Dynamics] sessions from Brent for a couple months now. (And planning to work with him much more). Many many changes have happened to me since, large and subtle ones:

My relationship with my mom has improved so much. I have much less anger that is triggered by her. A lot of my resentments towards my family are gone. I still have a little but I think about 90% are cleared.

I used to have a fear of sleeping in silence. I always had to have tv in the background. After working with Brent on this, I still LIKE having sound while I sleep, but I don’t NEED it. It goes well either way. Before I couldn’t even imagine sleeping in silence. Now, if there’s no sound on when I’m sleeping, it’s no big deal.

I was very insecure about my looks and beauty. After I worked with Brent on this, I feel pretty good in this area.

I used to be really afraid of criticism. I notice that things that made me worry whether people would criticize me, I just don’t care anymore. For example, I used to never tell people about my goals for the future, hopes, dreams because I was afraid they would criticize them. And now, I just don’t care anymore. [Awakening Dynamics] can also change how people react to you. Whereas before, when I told people about my goals, they would criticize me, now when I do, I notice that I am well-received for it.

I was very uncomfortable with the idea of marriage. I wanted to get married one day, but at the same time, my feelings when I thought about marriage were very uncomfortable because of the example of marriage I got from my parents. We worked on this, and that uncomfortable feeling is totally gone. I was dissatisfied with my career goals, didn’t know what to do. I felt like there was nothing out there for me that I would like and be good at. It was weird because almost like magic, I found my dream career that I want to pursue. The reason it was so amazing is because the whole time this career was standing right in front of me, I just didn’t see it. But although we didn’t directly work on careers, we worked on dissatisfaction with my social life, and dissatisfaction in general…how I had the need to be dissatisfied. That obviously cleared up being dissatisfied with my career-life. I learned [Awakening Dynamics] before I started working with Brent. And it seems the more sessions I have with Brent, the better I am able to do [Awakening Dynamics] on myself. Before I felt completely stuck when I tried to work on myself. Now I feel pretty good about it.

I used to be a compulsive thinker. Well, I think to a certain extent, we all are. After working on this with Brent, I think les…by about, I’d say about 70%.. Which is really good, because I’m not sure I would want want absolute no-thinking. Along with this, I used to have very addictive and impulsive tendencies and I notice that I don’t have the need to do those anymore.

The biggest thing though is that I see my world very differently. My perspective has changed so much as a whole. Things that bothered me before just dont seem to anymore. I see my life much more clearly. I understand myself much more.

Brent is a wonderful healer! He gets to the root of the matter and he gets all aspects of it. I admire his efficience and technical approach, wisdom and insight. I’m really grateful for having the opportunity to get [Awakening Dynamics] sessions from Brent at this time of transition in my life from college to independence. I feel half-way there already.

Thank you Brent so much!

Angela KimSeattle, Washington

I was suffering from GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) for about 1 1/2 years and had done all the methods out there on the internet. Many of them were very good at helping me cognitively train my behavior and get back to work, etc. However, there was this underlying “thorn” in my consciousness that kept me always having to DO this cognitive work, unable to just walk away from the fear. I was told by a spiritual advisor of mine to seek out Theta-Healing.

I didn’t know what this was, but I found Brent Phillip’s site online and was really excited to get my healing. …and Brent DID heal me of my anxiety in one session! I received a healing and was walking around anxiety free in public that night for the first time in ages, but the next day I convinced myself to re-create the anxiety…it was weird being “normal” again. I did one more session with Brent and he helped me clear that too. I feel clear now and know that I can replace gratitude where fear once was. I know it is safe to feel good again, and I feel it too.

Thank you Brent!

Matthew HurtadoMadison, Wisconsin

I was first introduced to [Awakening Dynamics] by Brent at an expo a little over a year ago. A trained energy healer already, I was open to learning about new techniques, but experiencing financial limitations, so the Wealth Club seemed like a good place to start. After attending the Wealth Club for a few months I became inspired to take Brent’s [Awakening Dynamics] training class (June 2007). It was like a lightening bolt, I suddenly just knew it was for me. I also took the Advanced Digging class shortly thereafter, which was all I needed to get off and running.

Brent is an amazing, clear, organized, funny and down-to-earth teacher, which I appreciate. His intentions are neutral, very much for good, without the ‘guru’ or power/ego trip that some great teachers fall into.

Like Brent, I have been working on my lessons and my energy for a long time and have made steady progress, but his training has empowered me with the tools to transform my own experience and the lives of others much more rapidly and effectively.

It’s clear to me that since his training, I have gone through such a huge transformation, I hardly recognize myself, at least on the inside. But I really do, because I am much more of the real me now.

The financial situation has begun to improve but most importantly, I now have faith in my direction – without the confusion and doubts that used to plague me. Every area of my life is moving in the direction I always wished for, but seemed unable to achieve. I am living without the anxiety, fears, etc. that previously interfered with my progress as a creative artist (writer/filmmaker), in my career steps, physical well-being and personal life. I experience so much more neutrality, self-awareness and inner peace, I have improved relationships with my family, I’m making new friends with grace and ease, doors are starting to open left and right career-wise. In addition, the [Awakening Dynamics]s I give to others are becoming more and more miraculous.

I am supremely grateful to Brent for introducing me to the tools that have made this all possible, and look forward to what’ s coming next with joy and excitement.

Thanks again and wishing you love and blessings,

Laurie LamsonLos Angeles, California

[Awakening Dynamics] is an amazing, powerful, healing experience that has allowed me to get to deep core issues that I have been working hard to release for years. Working with Brent has been such a gift in my life and our sessions have dealt with simple physical aliments that come up as well as with deep painful emotional psychological issues. He is so beautifully trained in this method and has allowed me to go at a pace that has been respectful and honoring. We have been working together on a consistent weekly basis and I appreciate how we work on current as well as past issues, which of course are all connected. He has provided an environment for me of trust and safety that has enhanced my healing work and I am experiencing great relief physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.My energy is improving and I absolutely love the feeling of peace, love, and tranquility when we finish our session.

Thank you Brent for your commitment to helping people in the healing process!!! I truly appreciate the blessing that you are in my life!!

Gail LappenManhattan Beach, California

I can’t tell you how dramatically everything in my life has changed for the better since I had that one tele-treatment with you several months ago dealing with my wealth consciousness. Because of you, the Science of Mastery Classes I’m taking and working with a master channeler and life coach I feel like my whole subconsious has opened up and I have fallen into it! And that is a very good thing because after writing academic research papers and catalogs of library collections all my life (and as it turns out for many lifetimes before!) an intuitive, creative writing side of me has opened up and these metaphysically themed novels are just pouring out faster than I can write. The first of what is developing into a trilogy or maybe even 5 novels, is in a completed rough draft ready for editing and I am already on Chapter 5 of the second novel. Those to whom I have given the first one for an initial read and feedback have given me all the motivation I need to take this to the next level.

Namaste and thank you for your wonderful work!

Ted Telford

Thank you for the [Awakening Dynamics] session yesterday. Pretty miraculous, to say the least! Why? In less than 24 hours I have experienced the following as a result of our session on releasing the blocks I had about money:

Received $23,100 wire from a buyer of a car I sold

Received confirmation that the above buyer of car is also interested in my other car for $13,500 and wants to purchase it.

Received confirmation from a wholesale buyer in Colombia for a wrinkle cream I sell and had sent him a sample, that he liked the product and is ready to make a large purchase of it.

Got a call from a former colleague that he saw on a computer he had lent me (and had taken back the day before), a wrinkle cream I sell (same one as above). He said he has overseas contacts of large email lists and wants to know if we can partner up to sell the cream overseas.

Received final confirmation on a business partners affirmative answer to move forward with building my existing debt reduction business using a model he has used successfully in the past.

The potential here is astronomical. And the good thing is also we will be helping people immensely while making a lot of money as well.

Thanks again!

Henry "Hank" Johnson Jr.

The first time I had a [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent was November 2006. I had been very ill with mold toxins and trying to get my energy back up after 2 years of fatigue – AFTER ONE SESSION I WAS ABLE TO LEAVE FROM THE SESSION AND GO SKI IN VAIL — after doubting I would EVER have the energy again!

He assisted in clearing an odd belief I had that was holding my energy back INSTANTLY. My boyfriend at the time who invited me to Vail, could immediately see the change in my energy level.

After several sessions with Brent after the first landmark session, I was able to focus on what I wanted in my life – I was able to connect and fall in love with a wonderful man who loves me deeply & we married last May. I have taken [Awakening Dynamics] 1 and 2 from Brent, and purchased an NRG footbath – which has improved my looks and health by removing toxins.

I turned my life around in a short time with Brent and [Awakening Dynamics]! I still have [Awakening Dynamics] sessions with Brent when I am stuck with excellent, life changing results! I make my living as a Realtor and I have business [despite the recession and crash in the housing market]!

Thank You, Brent!

Paula McKinney

In the week following my second [Awakening Dynamics] session with Brent a session in which I chose to deal with deep and unresolved issues relating to romantic relationships my energy clearly had shifted as no less than four men approached me and asked me out. After five sessions, I am able to truly receive and accept the attention and to respond. Interestingly, in working to resolve the deeper emotional issues which include past childhood sexual abuse I have found that my general level of anxiety has almost disappeared and all tendencies toward compulsive eating have vanished.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Brent and to be able to share this positive experience with other potential clients who also might benefit from this life-altering healing technique.

Thank You, Brent!

Sara WellsCharlotte, North Carolina

Before I met Brent, my life was a complete mess. I’m a young guy, and being in college, I felt like I should have been having the time of my life. But I just… wasn’t. I had yet to be in an actual relationship or date anybody consistently. And even though I knew I liked to write, and that writing short stories and screenplays is something I am good at, I just couldn’t. It would be painful every time I tried to write for a long period of time, which didn’t make sense to me or anybody I knew. With all these strange inconsistencies in my life, I really felt like something was seriously wrong with me, and that therapy couldn’t fix them. I was also addicted to sugar, and constantly eating candy, ice cream and other junk food would make my weight balloon, no matter how hard I exercised. My family and friends would keep telling me to stop eating such bad foods, but I just couldn’t stop. And I would come every day with headaches from the sweltering Arizona heat, making each day difficult and unhappy.

Once I met Brent, I just knew that his work would be right for me. Many of you may be skeptical of spiritual healing, and think of it as a strange alternative to conventional therapy. I say to you guys, don’t be. I was a little skeptical at first, but once I cleared many of my allergies in the first few sessions, including my allergy to heat, I knew how effective [Awakening Dynamics] can be. All of these allergies, and many of my other problems went away almost immediately! In fact, I couldn’t believe how I ever lived with them in the first place. I have done over 10 sessions with Brent at this point, and plan on continuing more.

Once you try [Awakening Dynamics], you’ll never look back.

Karthik NarasimhanTempe, Arizona

A SOMETHING is definitely different. And there is nothing subtle about it. I’m even saying to myself, “Who was that who did that brave new thing yesterday? And who is THIS hot, new, confident, grounded, mature chick?” Whoever she is, she is marching around in my boots and in my body. And I have got to say, I like it! Changes are taking place in my world, Brent. Major changes. And yet, they feel as natural as ever and I’m as calm as a summer breeze

Jane RobertsLos Angeles, California

About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with a non cancerous mass on my esophagus, stomach junction. I had no symptoms of the problem until just before diagnoses with a few stomaches nothing major. My surgery went great until afterwards, I was having problems eating, from the massive amount of scar tissue and in addition gallbladder being removed. I had to go back into surgery to get the scar tissue stretched so I could be able to eat food. I was then told from my Medical Doctors that because of the scar tissue and the previous surgery and maybe from not having a gallbladder that I would have to sleep at an incline and would have to take prescription antacid medication to keep the bile down and be careful with food selections. Well that was the wrong thing to say to me! My commitment to myself has always been that I could find a holistic approach. In the past 8 months I have worked my way off the prescription antacid medications but with a great deal of restrictions but with some discomfort. After my 1st session with Brent, not only was the scar tissue, the bile, acid reflux issue dealt with, but the trauma associated with this illness from the start was addressed and HEALED.

The results were INSTANT and it took ONE SESSION!!! And yes I did the next day make sure to test it. I tested by taking foods that would cause me alot of discomfort in the past and would require me to take medication, like coffee, citrus juice/fruit and spicy foods. I tested the results for a week, not that I didn’t believe in [Awakening Dynamics] but to best be able to help some one else with a similar problem that might be on the fence with doing just 1 healing session. As a result and it is 3 weeks later, I EAT what I want when I want, my appetite has improved alot since there is no reflux or throwing up bile and I sleep on my back. I have had no difficulties and don’t expect to. My doctors are shocked and amazed.

I’m just Thankful for Brents [Awakening Dynamics]!

Britt CarrollIrving, Texas

Thank you for the work that you have done with me in the last few weeks. My work on the parent issues removed blocks that were manifesting in my present life. There have been major shifts in me in my approaches to relationships. I am feeling much less obsessive, more free to enjoy the relationships, and some dynamics have changed almost instantly that had been stuck for years! In general I am feeling more grounded and stable emotionally. I am eager to see what effects the work on finances and career will have. It is a mysterious process, but the results are undeniable.

Thank you again!

Kelley RoarkSan Jose, Costa Rica

I had heart palpitations and anxiety for many years especially because of the stress of work. Lately it became worse and worse and those palpitations would happen anytime and it was freaking me out.

I worked with a [Awakening Dynamics] therapist for a few sessions and it helps me to have less of those papitations and anxiety but it did not stop completely. After that I decided to do a session with Brent about some insomnia problems and anxiety and the palpitations completely stopped after only one session!

THANK YOU SO MUCH BRENT! And thank you to [Awakening Dynamics] – it is changing my life!

Thank you again!

Jean BanvilleMontreal, Canada

I was struggling with bladder infections for over a year, and doctors could not figure out the cause. Meanwhile I was placed on antibiotics and was constantly going to urgent care for the bladder infenctions. The doctors kept changing my antibiotics but none of the antibiotics they gave me were working. After just one [Awakening Dynamics] session with Brent, the doctors took me off antibiotics completely and the infection never returned!

Annya MikhaelovaWest Hollywood, California

After I did private [Awakening Dynamics] Sessions with Brent and attended his [Awakening Dynamics] classes, I have experienced several manifestations!!! My health improved miraculously (I had clean Blood test results concerning Lupus, Rhuematiod Arthritus, & kidney stones, and manifested a very reliable car – all within a week!

I also did [Awakening Dynamics] on a friend of mine and she had an abundance of sales increases! I had only taken the first [Awakening Dynamics] class & tried it on her a few days after attending class! I have manifested even some money for some sessions for [Awakening Dynamics]! Also, one day in a [Awakening Dynamics] session, we did some feeling lucky [Awakening Dynamics], I won $50.00 on a Hot Spot ticket that same day for a $1.00!

There have been so many miracles in my life since my [Awakening Dynamics] sessions, Including seeing miracles on a puppy with parvo in which by that even he perked that same evening & lived after veterinarians had lost hope for him. [Awakening Dynamics] has changed my life significantly to my highest good!

Thank you Brent!

Dyanni DavisSan Dimas, California

I have been a healer for over 10 years. I have been fortunate to have studied with and learned from, some of the very best teachers. I first studied [Awakening Dynamics] several years ago with Vianna Stibal. She is a fantastic person and I learned a great deal from her.

Although the many techniques I use have powerful, positive effects, only [Awakening Dynamics] has a lasting effect, when done properly. I have witnessed many ‘miraculous’ healings in my time and look forward to seeing many more. However, the experiences which I have been privileged to witness in clients, family and friends, have always eluded me. As a matter of fact, over the years I have had very frightening after effects of healing sessions and developed a profound fear of the actual healing process! Worst part was being unable to heal from anything because of the belief systems I was harboring, and especially from the fear which was blocking the healing. Within minutes of the session, I would be gasping for air, couldn’t breathe at all, and had debilitating panic attacks. I thought I was having a heart attack! I had my heart checked, my lungs checked, and there was nothing physically wrong. Naturally, I had begun to feel extremely helpless and sad that the healings I so badly desired would never occur for me. I began to read about the power of your subconscious thoughts, about hypnotherapy, and after much searching, came full circle back to [Awakening Dynamics]. This time, I came upon Brent’s website, There was something about the site- his approach, his confidence (who do you know who gives a money back guarantee for healing work!!) I felt drawn to contact him.

During our first phone session, I told him about my many physical and emotional problems. Because some of them were very deep traumas, I was hesitant to go near that dark place for fear that I would remember or re-experience the very thing that I was trying so hard to suppress. He assured me he would work ‘abstractly’ and I would not re-live anything. I also warned him about my problem of not being able to breathe afterwards. This had been going on for over 6 years, working with some of the top healers. I was really making a leap of faith to try this once more. He cleared many belief systems about many issues and, as promised, I did not remember anything unpleasant. There were tears, but that was a sign that we were getting to the root of the problem. After the first session, I did pretty well the first day, but on the second day after we worked together, I began to notice that familiar tightening in my throat and chest. I immediately contacted Brent. He sent me a healing and told me we would work more on beliefs and get to the core of the problem. True to his word, after the second and third sessions, I had absolutely no breathing problems whatsoever! I also recently took part in two of his Wealth Club sessions, clearing over 60 belief programs. Not one episode of breathing difficulty. He did what no other healer has been able to do! I now look forward to my next session with Brent, without fear of possible negative after effects.

For anyone who is saying ‘I can’t afford these sessions’, I totally hear you. Because I work in Hospice Care, I had the very painful experience last year of taking care of both my beloved younger brother, as well as my dear cousin, during their battles with cancer. They died within 32 days of each other. As one might expect, this had a profound effect on my health. I was unable to work for several months, and now am only slowly getting back into a regular schedule. This not only took a huge toll on my health, it also took a huge toll on our finances. However, my husband assured me that I was ‘worth it’, and this was something we needed to pursue. I asked God to lead me to the right person and he did. And I realized the more I said I couldn’t afford it, the more I was attracting scarcity! I changed the way I thought and spoke, and Brent has helped to clear the belief systems I was harboring about abundance issues. I am so grateful that Creator led me to where I am, with Brent, as a teacher, as well as a healer. I now know I deserve the best, and I got it!

Brent is extremely effective, very bright and very compassionate. He is generous and giving of his time and expertise. He responds to emails quickly, which in and of itself is a rarity. I highly recommend Brent, personally and professionally, and without hesitation.

God Bless you, Brent!

Paula BakerOrwell, Ohio

I’ve experienced [Awakening Dynamics] for the first time through Brent and the changes were felt immediately. During treatment I felt energy flowing through my body and after the session, I became really tired and needed to rest. I felt so much energy that my body was telling me to rest in order to integrate all changes and assimilate them. Over the next couple of days, I’ve experienced instant weight loss, which was noticed by other people as well (without having changed my diet). I’ve also noticed that I became more connected to my inner self and started remembering things from my childhood more clearly. I feel that the weight loss was directly linked to things I was holding back in my life and it was as if the door to my soul was starting to open more and more. I highly recommend Brent’s private sessions as a way to heal and reconnect to yourself and gain clarity on your life. Brent is clearly devoted to help others and his friendly and approachable attitude go hand in hand with his professional care.

Walter A.Vancouver, Canada

I had gone with my good friend to hear Brent Phillips speak at the Bodhi Tree and the place was packed that night. Somewhere in the middle of Brent’s talk, he asked everyone who was allergic to cats to come up to the front for a healing. I immediately popped up and walked to the front of the room, having been allergic to cats for as long as I can remember.

I found myself with about 15 others up there and in about 5 minutes, Brent did a [Awakening Dynamics] for the group. All I can remember is that he asked us to stand a certain way and answer questions during the healing. He never touched anyone and he himself closed his eyes at times. It was a very relaxing feeling, though I secretly thought, “This isn’t really doing anything.”

Well, about two months later, I went to stay at my friend, Michelle’s house for two weeks. Michelle has two cats and two dogs and there is always cat hair everywhere. We always joke about it because whenever I had gone over to her house in the past, I teared up and was rubbing my eyes like crazy with allergies in the first five minutes of being there.

Yet, I arrived this time in the morning and we spent the whole day and night in that house. We were all relaxing on the couch that night, when I finally noticed that I didn’t even feel allergic in the least bit. Michelle though it was strange and asked me about it. Ha! It was then that I remembered Brent’s [Awakening Dynamics] from two months back. I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t allergic to cats anymore!! Whoa, I thought, that healing actually worked!!

I stayed at Michelle’s for the next two weeks and I never had one symptom of an allergy. It was incredible!

Thank you so much Brent for this gift. I can’t wait to get another [Awakening Dynamics]!! Keep on sharing!

Many blessings,

Jolette SusserLos Angeles, California

I did the Program A in the Wealth Club a few days ago. I was given a project at work that due to its size and complexity promised to be overwhelming at best. Sure enough, not only was it overwhelming but because of a lack of communication it started looking like it wouldn’t get done on time at all and that would have been a disaster both for myself and our client. The usual rising panic, confusion and feelings of alarm began mounting and mounting. Suddenly, I became centered like flipping a switch and realized that there was much more to this scenario than I was allowing to happen. I just relaxed and mentally and emotionally created the outcome that was desirable to all concerned and the project went off as planned and on time with no “aftershocks”, repercussions, snide comments and invalidations that usually attend such ill conceived projects. I do not recall such a personal and internal “save” ever! Although I don’t know how and don’t care either, I consider this amazing event to be a direct outcome of the Wealth Club. I’m sure there’s more to come.

I’m the one who wrote after another Wealth Club event that I was no longer a “hard core, blood sweat and tears Work Puritan.” Well, that continues to hold true in a lot of ways. Recently, someone described for me some people and administrative problems they had at work. In the past I would have regarded such information as pretty serious, threatening and as something which “must be fixed right away.” My accumulated judgmental grimness just seems to have washed away. I found the work story to be amusing and worthy of a TV Sit Com! Hard for me to believe! I hope the exclamation points get my surprise across.

Just imagine what is happening to a lot of people who do the Wealth Club and classes with you. Thank you Brent. You are making changes in a very, very big way!

Justine BatemanLos Angeles, California

I wanted to thank you for your healing session, and share with you that a true miracle has occurred — much to my shock and delight. Within 5 days of our session to lift roadblocks in my romantic life, I was approached by a stunning young woman with whom I share many spiritual and personal interests, and we have begun dating! I was honestly skeptical that anything remarkable would happen in the aftermath of our [Awakening Dynamics] session, expecting that my love life would continue to be more of the same, a long and painful struggle to find someone special in the vast crowd. And then my jaw dropped when I unexpectedly received an email from a beautiful girl who had found some old, forgotten profile I had put up on an Internet dating site months ago. She reached out to me and within two days we had met and have begun a wonderful new relationship. It is of course too early to say where things are headed for the long term, but we are both enjoying each other’s company and the new adventure we have begun. This is literally a quantum leap from the unfulfilling relationship cycle that I found myself trapped in over the past few years. So thank you, and may you receive everything that you have been seeking from the cosmos as well!

Kamran PNew York, New York

I’ve been performing my whole life…as an actress, singer, and most recently have my own radio show. Expressing myself through my voice is the reason I’m here and my vehicle. Over the past year I’ve grown more freaked out about performing in front of people which continued to escalate. I was hired to sing at a club. A performer should love this. I did not. I was so upset I wanted out of the gig. I felt sick to my stomach to be in front of people. I was terrified because I’d never sung with the band before and hadn’t sung half the numbers at any point before, no rehearsal. I dreaded the event. I wished I could get out of the gig without ruining my professional relationship with the band.

The day of the gig I did a [Awakening Dynamics] session with Brent. I worked on the sick, dread, wanting to run, never to do this again experience. Both over my performing and also on the golf course (I started playing 8 months ago).

That night I went to the club and got up to sing without a care in the world. I wailed on Tina Turner songs, and the blues. I soloed. I did vocal back ups on songs I’d never rehearsed in front of a packed club. I danced on stage, I felt relaxed and at ease. My boyfriend who’d listened to my weeks of panic prior to the gig was in shock. He’s a 2 time Grammy winner and has an amazing ear – he felt I was fantastic up there and he didn’t understand what had happened, where all my nerves went. I told him I’d had a [Awakening Dynamics].

The next day at my golf lesson I was present, and absorbed everything my teacher said (very good for me). And the day after that I played golf on a tough course (they’ve had US Opens there) and took 13 points off my score. Go figure.

I don’t have to understand this, I just know it works.

Deborah DachingerHollywood, California

Jan 9th 2009: Hour long ‘wealth’ phone session with Brent Phillips

Feb 10th 2009: Received check for $2,689.91 [Registered for Brent’s Basic [Awakening Dynamics] Class same day]

When my job ended Jan 26th so did the paychecks, this check really was an unexpected ‘miracle’. Words can’t express how amazed and grateful I am to you and [Awakening Dynamics].

This is just the largest amount I’ve received since my session with Brent. The others have been refunds from charges I’ve caught on credit cards, free discontinuation

of a gym contract [usually costs $150 for early cancellation], etc. If I’m not receiving money, I’m able to eliminate costs. All sorts of good things are happening.

Can’t wait for the Basic [Awakening Dynamics] Class to start!

Lois Faye OttsTemecula, California

We had our 75 minute session last week [and] I listened in to last Monday evening’s call, on prosperity conciousness…as most of us do; hopeful…hungry for change….with a measure of healthy skepticism. within 24 hours i’d recieved over $3000, from 4 different sources, that i absolutely was not expecting. needless to say…i was intrigued. enough so that i scheduled my 1st private call with Brent. i asked direct questions. he answered directly. we then proceeded with the purpose of the call.

Although it’s only been a couple of days…and the winning lottery ticket has not materialised in my pocket…the thing that most struck me is how calmly, clearly, and without power-trips of any kind…Brent held a mirror up to my deepest, negative beliefs about work, money, success and love. i’m 55 years old…been on my path for a while…but have never been granted such an unobstructed view of the beliefs that have, to date, imprisoned me in struggle and mediocrity. having seen them, up close…i now have power over them.

I’m more intrigued than ever. i will absolutely pursue this further.

Thomas DohertyPasadena, California

I want you to know how thankful I am for your Theta-Healing. You’ve helped me with several issues over the past months, and with great results, but this last healing takes the cake.

I have experienced recurring lower back injuries and pain for years. I’m 48 years old but was beginning to feel (and walk) like an old man. In fact, I think I was taking for granted that my back would never feel good again. I finally thought to ask you to heal my back in a session. We talked about it. You worked on it. It felt somewhat better that same day. The next day it felt even better. The next week it felt GREAT and I thought, “Wow, could he really have healed my back in one hour over the phone?!”

Well, it’s one month later and I’m writing to say “YES, HE CAN!”

Thank you so much – for everything.

Richard WaterhouseNewbury, Vermont

After many years of my hip pain coming and going, usually lasting months at a time and the most recent episode having been firmly entrenched for almost 2 weeks and being very intense, hurting even when I’m lying down – 10 minutes of [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent made the pain disappear entirely and it has not come back all day – and I’ve been very active today – not having any time to be cautious in my movements. What an incredible relief. I am so grateful!!!

Kathy MaySherman Oaks, California

Self-help techniques don’t work for me. I should know. I’ve tried just about everything. Nothing works. Nothing. So I’m cynical. Cynical of any technique that promises miraculous results. But I read Brent’s book “Where Science Meets Spirit – The Awakening Dynamics®.” I digged it. I liked the fact Brent’s comes from a very analytical, mechanical engineering background. So on the back of Brent’s book, I took him up on some of his personal [Awakening Dynamics] sessions. The underlying issue I challenged Brent to work on was the elusive anxious feeling I have been carrying around with me for years. You know, that feeling that never really allows you to relax and is always expecting trouble to come a knocking. Long story short, Brent (through [Awakening Dynamics]) was able to clear-out a LOT of deep routed feelings that weren’t serving me. Now after just a few sessions with Brent I’m a believer. I feel more relaxed. More centered. More open to allowing. And more in-the-moment. Sounds like a little result; feels like a massive transformation!


Michael SilkKent, England

I have had a few sessions now with the [Awakening Dynamics]. On my third session, I noticed a specific pop, pop in my neck in an area that has been chronic for me with headaches. Later in the day I had a small headache which then dissipated. It has not come back since. Additionally, I had chronic pelvic inflammation. The result for this has been dramatic in that the pain stopped within the same day and has not returned. I am continuing my treatments for various things in my body and also emotionally that I wish to clear up. I will keep you all posted. Overall, I’m feeling good about the process and most particularly the awareness of my thoughts/beliefs and how they impact me. Brent is very clear and helpful as we go through this journey of healing awareness. I highly recommend the process!

Very Best,

Katherine BowersSanta Ana, California

I’d like to share my experiences in [Awakening Dynamics] with all of those who are curious. I apologize for the lengthiness, but this is literally just the tip of the iceberg compared to all of the amazing miracles that have transpired for me.

For my first session, I chose to address my back and neck pain, which had for a year and a half been causing me to feel much older than I am. What was so amazing to me is that Brent helped get to the true source of the pain – my previous business “failure”. Not only did he help me to realize that my business was “successful” in helping me to grow and learn new lessons, my pain decreased instantly. A month later, I feel like a new woman – pain free! We also had time to address my sinus infection, which disappeared the very next day and has not returned since… what a bonus!

After my first session, it was obvious that [Awakening Dynamics]s with Brent were the greatest gifts I could ever give myself, so I decided to purchase a package. In Brent’s book, Where Science Meets Spirit: The Awakening Dynamics®, he explains how important it is to release any attachments one has in the seven planes of existence, so I chose to focus on that for my second session. I could give hundreds of cool little benefits and synchronicities that have occurred afterward, but my favorite is how much clearer my visualizing during meditation is now. Before, it was like watching a black and white TV with rabbit ear antennas… now, I’m watching a full-color, LED TV in high-def!  My psychic abilities have also increased more and more every day!

By my third session, I felt like I had found a Jeannie in a bottle… what should my next wish be?! I chose to focus on my finances. Not two days later, I received my income tax refunds from both state and federal. I have since had a new and wonderful relationship with money. I enjoy my work and am amazed as “things” I want keep finding their way straight to me. Yesterday, a $20 bill literally blew across the parking lot and stopped right in my path! (Seriously, I have witnesses!)

During the fourth session, we focused on a speech problem that I have always had. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had trouble “finding my words” when speaking, but no problem at all when I wrote. After a bit of muscle testing and remote viewing, Brent determined that I had been strangled to death in a past life – WOW. Not only can I speak with wonderful clarity and ease now, I am also now cured of my extreme claustrophobia! Those two problems were somehow connected, so there was another bonus!

In the last session, we focused on my cat Ebby. She is nearly 16 years old and had recently developed a food allergy that was causing her to vomit a lot. Brent worked to cure the allergy (it is completely gone) and also cured her fear of dogs! She had two little cysts where a large dog had bitten her a few years ago. About three weeks after the session, the cysts dried up and fell off! Needless to say, Ebby is now one extremely delighted kitty-cat!

I can never express how grateful I am that you are here to help us all, Brent. Thank you, with all of my heart!

Amy BjorkSeattle, Washington

Euphoric breakthroughs, inexplicable windows of joy opening in my heart, walking in my old neighborhood as a “new” person inhabiting a newly invigorated body – these are just some of the fresh, uplifting feelings I experienced after each of my 5 sessions with Brent. My already rich dream life deepened also, revealing new pathways leading to more authentic living. At work, I noticed so much love sparkling in my students’ and colleagues’ eyes, and I realized this love had always been there, that I’d been swimming in it, but my filters had prevented me from seeing it. One of the most interesting revelations was the discovery, at 48, of what it feels like to be an authentic adult on my own terms: before I had tried for years to meet not only others’ expectations but also my own confused ideas and expectations of what an authentic adult was. After this breakthrough happened, I was pleasantly surprised to find that whenever and wherever I looked in a mirror, I saw a genuinely attractive and desirable man. My world now reflects this too.

Chip WilliamsSouth Pasadena, California

My problem for the last 25 years has been muscle pain, painful trigger points, along with the inability to hold chiropractic adjustments. Due to the tightness in my back and neck muscles, the vertebrae subluxate resulting in pain and a restriction in my range of motion. If I didn’t get regular adjustments, headaches would soon follow along with blurry vision.

I’ve tried extensive sports massage therapy and only had temporary relief, the pain and tightness would return. I tried Healing Touch and even took levels 1 & 2 but never got any relief for myself – but my horses seemed to enjoy it. I tried Contact Reflex Analysis, which is muscle testing coupled with Clinically designed nutrition. I did get some relief but the pain returned. Acupuncture, Homeopathy and even flower essence therapy were all good at stress reduction and a sense of well being but didn’t help with the target problem.

During my [Awakening Dynamics] session the pain subsided dramatically, from a 7 to a 3, on a 1 to 10 scale. It’s been three weeks and the pain in my neck is now a 1 or 2. With adjustments and a stretching program, the pain is fading away. Massage now seems to erase the sore spots instead of just offering temporary relief.

I’m now very pleased to report that the improvements that I experienced during our session with the reduction of pain have held solid. My Chiropractor was giddy over the vast improvement in my ability to hold the adjustments. He said there was a dramatic difference!

I find myself now thinking about “what can I work on next?”, instead of constantly being run down and stressed over the persistent pain in my neck and back.

Thank you so much Brent, I’m truly looking forward to our next sessions.

Scott HilderIndio, California

I want to thank you because you are a clair voyant person so accurate and so precise in your work.

You have told me all my challenges in a only fifteen seconds of time.

The work you have done with me on the emotional side is amazing. And on the physical side, my jaw has released the contraction that I had had for many years – – I will forever be in gratitude to you!

I am studying [Awakening Dynamics] also and I can tell you that you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for helping people in all the levels to go out of their own boundaries.

I now know that sometimes is easier to be a victim than to live your life with responsibility. Thanks because you have teaching me this. To take responsibility of my life and to look at my life instead of being looking outside for being the “savior” of someone who is “probably” lost…

I want to thank you also for r for teaching me that I am the co-creator of my life and i decide to have an easy and joyfull life.

And thank you for help people to find their positive way to be alive and to celebrate their own lifes on the present moment.

I hope also that the joy that you bring on the hearts of the people that you work on, will bless your heart and your life on the same intensity that you create the love and the warm feelings outside…

And also I want to give the thanks to your family who has brouth you to the world, I honor them because the good job that you are doing is only for the path you have been walking with them.

Grace and peace for your for you and your family.

Dory ReyesCanary Islands

You’ve been giving me the gift of miracles over the past couple of months! When I started with you, Nicholas’s school program was in pieces and he was coming home a mess. Now, he has excellent school/home therapists and his main therapist works perfectly with Nicholas. His school and home programs are structured and he is being challenged. He comes home from school now full of smiles. I have no worries when it comes to Nicholas’s school issues.

My work situation has gotten better too. Christian used to hit and throw tantrum for the majority of the day. Now, he just does it about an hour a week. Pretty cool. He is still just as annoying though. Mine and my assistants’ attitudes towards him having changed though, maybe that is something I have to work on next. All in all, work is good, much more manageable and I am enjoying teaching/working with the other students.

Thanks for all the other healings, downloads and changing of beliefs. Life is just so much better now and I have great aspirations.

Thanks for everything!!! Wishing you lots of love!

Love fromYour Friends,

Christine and Nicholas SavellaLos Angeles, California

I had been suffering from horrible insomnia for months that resulted in waking many, many times every hour. Even with 10+ hours of sleep, I’d wake up more tired than when I went to bed. Brent did one [Awakening Dynamics] session on the unconscious blocks related to my insomnia and that night I slept through the night — with a restful sleep! The insomnia hasn’t been back and it’s been almost 2 months.

Thank you, Brent, for everything!

Kate DonlonLansing, Michigan I have had migraine headaches since I was a child! I was taken to a number of doctors over the years who equated them with being triggered by food allergies, emotional issues, stress or possibly family history…and all of these things could absolutely trigger the most debilitating of headaches, many lasting for days at a time.

Over time I tried many different things to try to help make living with migraines more bearable, because once you have migraines, you’re just prone to getting you just learn to live with and adjust yourself for when they hit your world! In fact my migraines got so bad, one actually led to a bleed in my brain.

I recently learned about [Awakening Dynamics] and Brent Phillips. I was very intrigued. I read Brent’s book on [Awakening Dynamics], and was so impressed that I took his [Awakening Dynamics] weekend course to learn all I could. I loved learning about this very powerful tool which healed him instantaneously and learned how he came into this amazing information first hand!

I was becoming a student of [Awakening Dynamics] myself, but I had not actually had a healing done by Brent. This was one of the most powerful and life changing experiences I have had!

One session of [Awakening Dynamics] with Brent and I’ve had no headaches for months, and before I would have on average one a week…and the difference is I don’t expect to get migraines anymore, because during the session I literally felt something shift in my field and a big change occurred in my head as well my entire body! It was so completely noticeable.

Profound! Blessings to you on the highest!

Nyee MosesWest Hollywood, California

Several years ago my back started aching and getting out of bed every morning was unpleasant. I would sit with an infrared heating pad athe was able to unearth the memory that I thought I had dealt with and brought me relief. Then we went to the hips. How wonderful it is to be free of pain and limiting physical and mental/emotional problems and to get on with the enjoyment of life.

He also healed my cat of her kidney problem and her fear of other cats!

Bev HaynesArroyo Grande, CA

I have been experiencing fluctuating chronic back pain for many years and tried a very wide variety of treatments. Then I came across [Awakening Dynamics] Therapy with Brent Phillips which I was keen to try. After 2 treatments, there was huge improvement and by my fifth treatment, I actually had no pain at all. I am now also a much calmer and relaxed person. I found Brent Phillips to be very accommodating and willing to apply treatments with very little notice when I was experiencing extreme pain and always available for phone or email support. I am very grateful to Brent for the help and relief that he has been able to provide.

Thanks very much Brent and I will get back to you if I feel that I need ongoing treatment.

All the best and thanks very much again

Bill (and Katrina)KahlerSydney, Australia

I have been working on my relationship issues with women for quite some time and used various methods. However, with no or very little success. Then, I contacted Brent to set up a session which we scheduled right away. It turned out that most of the problems I have in interacting with women actually go back to my mother. In just one session we cleared all that was necessary to release the influence of my mother. The following days I really felt differently. When talking on the phone with my mother, the heavy energy was gone and since then our relationship has improved. We had another session to release trauma from past relationships which has been holding me back for years to enter a new relationship. Now, interacting with women is much easier and even fun. I can finally enjoy approaching women which opens up a totally new realm.

Thank you Brent!

Chris KernVancouver, Canada

I had been searching for work for over 6 months, applying for jobs that were well-matched for my skills and industry experience. I even had employee referrals to ensure priority viewing of my application for almost all of my applications. 6 months – no responses. Just 8 business days after Brent did a [Awakening Dynamics] on my blocks around jobs, I received a call inviting me to interview for the job topmost on my list! What makes it even more amazing is that it occurred in the middle of the winter holiday season!

You’re a miracle worker, Brent!!

Kate DonlonLansing, Michigan

Hi Brent…I wanted to give you a little min-report after our private session working on financial clearings and downloads…from small to substantial.

1. After emailing a minor complaint to Bed Bath & Beyond they mailed me a gift card.

2. I took my watch in to ask a question about it and happened to also have a gold band from a watch that didn’t have a face any longer. It was just inside the bag, and the woman saw it. She asked if I’d want some cash for it and offered me $300.00 for it. Considering it’s been sitting in my closet for 25 years I took the cash.

3. Last month, when I had just started learning and working with [Awakening Dynamics] I was incredibly surprised when I received my statement from JP Morgan with $10,000 more than the previous month’s statement (I was actually astounded). Last week I asked to be sent a check for the extra amount and received a check for $13,325. I have Mutual Funds and not high yielding stocks…so I was delighted with the additional surprise.

I wanted to share my gratitude for these gifts from our Creator and will keep you updated on the the abundant flow of money arriving in my life 🙂

Vicki McCartyLos Angeles, California

After four healing sessions with Brent Phillips, my Parkinson’s Disease — supposedly incurable according to Western medicine — has slowly started to go away! I received the diagnosis nine years ago, and had gotten to the point where I was taking PD medications up to eight times a day in order to have any mobility at all.

While meeting weekly with Brent by phone over the last month, I realized that my body was starting to make its own dopamine again. The tremor on the left side of my body is completely gone, and my rigidity and difficulty walking are improving daily, even as I steadily cut back on the amount of medication I take.

This morning I got up and walked my dog without difficulty, even though I’d had no medication for 24 hours.

For me, this is nothing short of miraculous, and I have Brent to thank for it!

Thank you Brent!

Anne PfefferLos Angeles, California

It’s been four years now since my first [Awakening Dynamics] session, which was with Brent Phillips, and I feel that an expression of gratitude needs to be expressed. My first session I went to with Brent and was basically treated for an overall feeling of disconnection with myself and an underlying anxiety and depression that had developed in the aftermath of a lifetime of heavy usage of alcohool and drugs, namelycrystal meth. At one point, I basically considered it a successful day if I was able to get out of bed and force myself to eat so I could take my HIV meds just to keep myself alive until I could go on my next party binge, which is truly what I thought I lived for at the time.

When I heard Brent’s story of his instant healing something inside me said this was exactly what I had been looking for. I had my first [Awakening Dynamics] session with Brent and immediately aftwards I felt calm but focused and connected to who I am! It felt so good to have my life back!

I am writing this now because recognize that I have, indeed, had a miracle in my life. I have been completely cured of depression and drug addiction. I no longer look to something outside of myself to gratify me. This path started with this first session of [Awakening Dynamics], and the gains I got from THAT session is what put me on the foothold to climb out of whatever that was I had created. It’s so gone I can’t even remember why I created it!

[Awakening Dynamics] works! I would recommend Brent to any one no matter how dysfunctional the situation.

Thank you for doing this work. I am grateful. I love my life!

Bob PattersonPalm Springs, California

I had been struggling for over half a year with extreme exhaustion, lowered immune system and a list of other symptoms. Sleeping 10-11 hours/day, waking up groggy yet completely exhausted — basically, non-functional. I had been undergoing medical treatment that wasn’t helping, acupuncture that was somewhat helping, but everything seemed to be blocked from moving forward. I did three related [Awakening Dynamics] sessions with Brent, digging through those blocks. Well, #3 was the charm! That night, I slept for 7 hours and woke up, bright-eyed — amazing. I know that with my energy now back in place, everything else will quickly fall into place.

Thank you, Brent, for giving me my life back!

Kate DonlonLansing, Michigan